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#Lovingkindness: @TiaTorres_ Wears her #SocialResponsibility & Creates #Awareness via #PositiveDisruption #pitbulls

My children, my personal goals, the community projects I strive to bring up to speed and the students I work with fill my mind and heart.  Unless I am writing or driving, sitting on my derriere is something I am not a big fan of. It is hard  for me to sit still and watch meaningless 'entertainment' on television. I don’t own a TV on purpose. Yet, every once in a while there IS something good on TV. i don't know how the Lords of Television manage, but they actually got something worthwhile on the airwaves. Recently, I managed to get the gist of what appears to be a show with a great purpose, Pitbulls and Parolees on Animal Planet’s network. 

‘Short story long,’ it is about a woman who has taken it upon herself to rehabilitate pit bulls with pit bulls. That is to say, actual dogs who have been maltreated, neglected or abused with ex-convicts looking for a second opportunity to empower themselves. Tia Torres leads the pack as a master dog trainer with a ‘heartset’ and mindset of social responsibility for man and beast. Her show flies an idea of ‘positive disruption’ in the world of criminal justice far beyond the clink and clank of a jail house.

Mrs. Torres may not seem saintly or daintly to the eye, in fact, she appears tough as a diamond in the rough. As a dog trainer to angry dogs and post-off convicts she has to walk a special line of being both hard and soft internally and externally in order to consistently recreate the successful outcomes she is known for. Call her a misfit as do the many in the community where she operates out of, but she is single-handedly on the front line of a silent, invisible battle to repair torn fabric. It is messy on the front lines sometimes. The mightiest warriors come to the battle early and leave late. This changes a person. Some say it changes one for the worse. Too many ‘tours’ back to the battle scrambles their perception is one line commonly released. That it makes you ‘too tough’ to keep going back out there.

"Not many are willing to give a second chance to these parolees," says Torres, "But I have. And now the 'bad boys' of society meet the so-called 'bad boys' of the canine community, and boom! Just like that -- they create magic together. They bring out a side of each other that's sweet, warm and unbelievably touching.”

These are the one’s with the mightiest hearts. 
These are the silent heroes and heroines.
Seeking no credit.
The job is credit itself.
The smiles and resting heart of those served
Righting wrongs
Not just ‘holding the line’
but pushing the line
forward onward and upward
Mountain peak past higher mountain peak

I take my black hat off to Mrs. Tia Torres and the valiant men and dogs under her governorship of lovingkindess. She is an example of lovingkindness, holding its stance, fearing not, better than gold and silver. Mrs. Torres has Epic Commitment to empowering her community and is #HotterThanFireForOthers.

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