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"Love Recognizes No Barriers" #socialresponsibility #positivedisruption #community #earth #awareness #allpistonsfiring

edited 11/18/15 ;)

My graduate degree is in Special Education, my bachelor’s degree is in Political Science. As an entrepreneur educator, delivering practical, natural solutions that empowers a student or group of students is in my best interest as a performance-based teacher. Amongst other things, this means creating or putting forth natural, rapid and practical interventions that not only address topical, surface concerns, but reach the crux of the matter. This strategy is the lifeblood of my coaching work.

Why so? Well, delivering stellar results in breathtaking speed is what good business is all about. As I go about in completing my business plan to start my first non-profit organization called ‘Just Life Skills,’ I have outlined my mission statement in such way that it transcends my work as a clinical educator and allows for a plentitude of projects which I have in mind to be fomented and funded. These include my work with children and adults on the autism spectrum, those with executive function skill deficits, behavioral issues, and the whole potpourri of recognized disabilities, including learning and developmental disabilities. Empowering people to lead is fun for me. I mostly do it for free. Yes, this makes it hard for my bottom line many a times (my Mom knows this well.) Yet I just love to empower others. 

What the team and I do at Scalzi skatepark in Stamford with a growing cadre of others, is totally a labor of love. We do it freely. It’s enjoyable for us. Great pleasure is derived in positively transforming individuals and the local community. It is fun to be a source of positive disruption and empowerment in the lives of others. It is worthwhile to add value to others.

The creation of awareness to foster social responsibility via positive disruption is a mathematical equation in my heart and mind which I look to repeat with consistency then. Looking ahead, I want to continuing leading from within in the effort of minting leaders left and right. I do this almost tirelessly. Reaching the crux of matters is something I have become adept at through experience and passion. 

With the onset of the non-profit, Just Life Skills, I see no impediments in starting up simultaneous projects. After all, there are 7 days in a week and a great deal can be done when the heart is in the right place of an organization that does not seek credit for itself. These projects go beyond my 1:1 work with individuals and their families, and would take me into school gymnasiums conveying various established aspects of my rapid coaching techniques, strategies and tools freely to others. 

Let it be rapid! I want to give it away. Beyond educational centers, I see myself going into jails to coach and mentor on how to think, rather than what to think. Stopping the revolving door of youth and adults entering and re-entering the prison houses will be pleasurable and easy to me. There are other projects I have in mind as I collaborate and take into account the guidance of others. Bridgeport, Connecticut is a great place to start!

A major impetus, a driving force in my heart… is to ‘flip the script’ on the efficacy of social responsibility by using the concept of positive disruption in a proactive, bottoms-up, servant-like manner that bypasses normal ‘red-tape’ and roadblocks that many other entities and outfits get slowed down on or altogether stopped. Dealing with the heart of matters is the right way to take care of business and I believe the only right way to carry out.


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