Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let it Be, Let it get STEAMiE! / #science, #tech, #engineering #math #entrepreneurism #leadwithgiants

Developing one’s executive function skills, those prefrontal cortex abilities which include the ability to modulate behavior, control our emotions…our impulses… with focus and sustained attention, these are best put to use when the mind is engaged with the heart. Aligning these two is no easy accomplishment. It takes experience, soul-searching, time, knowing who you are, what makes you tick and a penchant for wanting to be understanding of one self and others. 

Many of us simply are not trained in school to think along these patterns. Curriculums move quickly on their own time tables and agendas. Tests have to be studied for, homework has to be completed, common core milestones have to be reached. This leaves little to know time for the rise of the entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit is a set of mindsets… perspectives which drive one like a framework of outlooks by which adventures are dreamt, charted and strived for.

The traditional school movement uses such cornerstone subjects as science, english, mathematics, technology and to a lesser extent, art by which to engineer the employee mindset. There is no entrepreneurial spirit, or at least it is under serious arrest when the angle is to create just scientist, just technology-savvy folks, just mathematicians, just engineers, just artists. On the other hand, when we introduce entrepreneurship, we allow ourselves as children to go off those rails. Thats were things start getting steamie. STEMiE. The last ‘E’ is for entrepreneurism!
Be it that this American nation of immigrants (E. Pluribus Unum) wants to ascertain its dominant position as a social, political and economic powerhouse the likes of which the world has never seen, turning up the heat is what is needed to make it climate-acceptable for the human heart. 

You see… the heart unleashed runs free. It is boundless as it seeks to enlarge itself. It is imaginative, it is bold, it is resilient and it is confident. The heart is fragile and it is tougher than 100 feet of pure stone. Who can understand the human heart in all its complexity? Couple it with the mind and you have a high-performance vehicle ready to take action, ready to lead and to take charge. 

As a school administrator, an educator, a parent, a regular John Doe, what are YOU doing to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in your child? In yourself? Do you truly want to raise your kid to simply be an employee? Wouldn’t you want yourself to know how to dream big and follow through on dreams USING the science, the technology, the engineering, the arts and the math as the chassis for the hot rod? I think it is in our best interest to lay aside all pushes to simply bang the pot and pans for calling for just STEM OR STEAM in scholastic education. That is so boring and shortsighted. Let it be and let it get STEAMiE!

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