Thursday, November 12, 2015

Going #Airborne for my new friend, Price / #socialresponsibility #aNewDay #MovingFast #BigFish #renegades

Today is Friday, November 12, 2015

..and what happened that made you change your mind?
 and how far did you go to change your heart? and what moved you to let go? 
and how is it that you go to sleep? 
how do you rise? 
and what is it at mid-day that makes you tick? 
and how do we tell each other how we feel when we walk by each other?

and what makes you turn away? and what makes you not care? and what makes you check out? and what makes us check in?

It was slow at first, but I held my stance and gravitation took hold. 

Soft and hard
polished edges
a clear purpose
a settled heart and a bed that is made make it easy to make new friendships when the time and space is there.

 All my new friends were either sons and fathers.

Soon enough I will go up to bat for my new friends.

Let the chips fall where they may and may God have our back as we move cautiously forward in the eye of a peculiar hurricane. 

Calm it is in the center of the storm, round me eyes and ears and wariness. 

Trust in me and have my back. All the facade goes off. This will take guts and lots of grit. 

Doing the right thing is more important than appearances. 

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