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#EpicCommitment to the Community: #Scalzi Skatepark / #positivedisruption #allpistonsfiring #community #pushharder

If you’ve been to Scalzi Skatepark over the last few weeks and checked on the progress the local skaters are having in our revival campaign, you’d think that progress is slow, to nonexistent . Yet it if you would stay a while, meet the locals and chat with some of of them, you’d know different. We are moving forward at lightning speed! Faster than CERN can split particles actually and at no monetary cost to anyone!

As I get word of new skate parks being planned in Fairfield County, the crew and I double our epic commitment to becoming the gems of the country as far as social responsibility goes from the bottom up! 

  1. Cello, a top officer and born leader and I are going to our second meeting with another city officer in Stamford to discuss and receive guidance on various new initiatives all aimed at the revitalization and establishment of Scalzi as THE flagship skatepark in the county. 

  1. In our multi-fasceted, multi-pronged campaign to reach various milestones, such as constructing and funding night lights so that skaters can enjoy the park in the waning hours as day turns into night, Cello put forward that we have the skatepark fences host special artist walls of wood hoisted up onto the bars itself so that graffiti artist have an outlet to create within the confines of the skating atmosphere, rather than on OUR skate bowls and concrete floors. We would have an open-air art gallery!

  1. Chris, another top officer, is in charge of organizing the Skateboarding 101 classes and he is in sixth gear with having already identified teachers. This is his dog. These classes would charge a modest fee with a percentage going to the city’s park upkeep as well as the funding of our own goals, like night lights.

  1. I am completing the establishment of the non-profit organization, Just Life Skills, to serve as a vehicle and bridge to fund such things as the night lights initiative
  2. Just today, I met ‘TK’ a local rapper who came by the park. Dude had no skateboard on him… something in me told me to stop him before he walked out. I asked him what he did. He hesitated. I asked him if he was an artist. Told him some of OUR ideas in the revival of the skatepark. He said he rapped. I told him that we are doing a kickoff revival party event at the skatepark and are looking for singers and musicians to volunteer showcase and headline. He jumped on-board and will bring other rappers to the kickoff party. 
  3. The skateboard youth league which will be a framework for tournaments and competitions is in the works too. Proceeds from this and with oversight by the city would be funneled via OUR non-profit and fund our ideas, including, yes, the night lights initiative. I am approaching a super Dad with whom I have an established relationship with already to possibly take the lead in this. They guy is all heart and his son, who is sponsored locally is a gentleman’s gentleman. We’ll see what he says:)
  4. The city will undoubtedly gives us fresh ideas also, as well as help steer us with their experience. In my first meeting, they mentioned sandblasting the walls to bring them back to their original selves. This would take away new distatesful graffiti that some kids who don’t know any better put on this morning (it’s okay) as well as the hideous white paint I put on all the walls to cover the obscene graffiti.
  5. We have one mural artist on-board, Chris is fanning out to bring in others with me. (If you have skills, email me via CoachBill.US or come by the park and talk with one of the officers and start a conversation.
  6. Lastly, I am approaching various schools to start a conversation on how skateboarding can be part of their curriculum and therapeutic counseling services. This was a city idea!

That is it for now folks. We are on the march for each other, for the youth and for the community with ‘Epic Commitment!’


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