Monday, November 23, 2015

Cello on the Rise: Scoring a Silent Victory at #Scalzi #Skatepark / #EpicCommitment #allheart #community

Just yesterday I arrived at the skatepark to see that some kids had spray painted a wide swath of the 'street course' within the gates of the Scalzi skatepark. One of our top officers was there to witness it. He did not intervene. I am glad he did not. Later, when I arrived at the park right before a beautiful sunset, another one of our top officers told me that he'd love to use his give the amateur artists a good measure of his time, perhaps let them feel his skateboard.

Immediately, I realized that things could get out of hand and derail our stride. I vocalized that we should not make ourselves targets of animosity. One of the officers, Cello, piped in that we we could hoist wood panels on the gates to create 'canvases' to channel the need of aspiring artists to still create, yet directing their 'art' to these panels. Brilliant I thought. Just brilliant!! That's Cello for you!

"Lovingkindness fears not
It holds its stance"

You just don't know, we might sway these artists to join the team, rather than vilify them! That is how we roll OUR social responsibility! It's not just a park we are polishing, but each other!

Way to go team! We scored a silent victory yesterday.

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