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Blueprint for Revival: #Scalzi #Skatepark / #socialresponsibility #community #skateboarding #youth #positivedisruption #awareness

As we look ahead at the collaborative work to be headed up in the revival of the flagship skatepark at #Scalzi park in Stamford, Connecticut I see the roll-out of the vision. ..I see the action steps and how it will play out easily.

The creation of a non-profit, Just Life Skills, will house a framework to push a slew of repeated yearly initiatives aimed at fomenting and sustaining community action that goes beyond the personal efforts of any one player (or coach). These community-actions will set precedent in the next phases by not only integrating new players into the foray, but create the opportunity for new leadership roles that will not just inspire more action, but create tangible, on-the-ground forward movement to reclaim, polish and bring out the diamond this skatepark is.

In a maneuver to catapult the rapid advance of creating awareness a leader understands that he/ she will not have all the answers and comes to terms with the fact that any worthwhile endeavor or championship is not fought and won by one, but is a cumulative exercise by a team of aware individuals each rowing and playing their part expertly. The consummate general knows when to delegate, when to listen, when to let others lead, and when to retake the helm.

This brand of social responsibility via positive disruption surpasses my own ideas and lays itself humbly before an  army of smart players, each unique and valuable in their own right. Of personal interest to me as a Special Educator and Executive Function Skills Coach (two of my many hats) is creating time and space to bring in children with various special needs (like autism), as well as their teachers and their families to use the skatepark as a grounds for the natural development of executive functions skills, gross motor and social skills. To that end, here are some of the action steps identified and put forth from my initial meeting with the gentleman officer at the city of Stamford, Connecticut's Parks and Rec office. These take off after filing the inception of the non-profit organization and would be in shoulder to shoulder collaboration with the city and community-at-large:

Short-Term Goals

  1. City sand blasts concrete walls (they do this on a routine basis already)
  2. Volunteer Mural Painting 
  3. Summer Skate Camp
  4. Skateboarding Youth League
  5. Skateboarding 101 Classes/ Curriculum
  6. Yearly Volunteer Kickoff Scalzi Park  Day
  7.  Reach out to Schools to network integrating skateboarding into curriculum.
a. Writing & Social Studies
b. Physical Education
c. Guidance Counselors

Long-Term Goals

  1. Use non-profit, Just Life Skills to apportion a percentage of monetary funds collected from the summer skate camp, the skateboarding youth league and seasonal skateboarding 101 classes towards:
    1. erecting night lights  & offsetting cost of such things as its electrical usage over time.
    2. Re-establishing presence of a guard to neutralize unwanted activity that has nothing to do with skateboarding.
    3. Expanding/ enhancing ‘street course’ within the skatepark area and adjoining grounds.

These are just a few ideas brought forth from one meeting. They are great ideas. We have our work cut out for us.  Again, this is bigger than any one person. Collaboration and listening to each other will be key.  Are you ready to rock out together in this revival? It is for us. It will be fun and a yearly constant  process, not an overnight thing. 

Specatators are welcome, doers are coveted! Each voice counts and there are ideas not even identified here which YOU may have. Bring it forth to the non-profit organization. Transparency and a disregard for who gets credit will rule the day. This way we all shine for the youth and for the community. So what do you say? Want to sign up to the crew? We're ready to rock!


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