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When the Student is Ready, the Master Appears: Syncing Hearts, Bodies & Minds, a Poem & Thought Release

I don't find my students.
I put my bread in the water
and the students find me.

Where is his strength? Is this the teacher?
I see now.
Let's do this.
I got this!

A great coach role-models, leads, supports, instructs, guides, corrects, mentors... and gets out of the way. Coaching then, is an art of balancing the player's strengths, fleshing out talents, strengthening deficits naturally and nurturing the mind and heart to reach higher levels of performance. Learning is not just a solitary action anymore with this understanding, but a humbling mindset that opens the mind to receive. 

A central tenant to coaching duties is being able to impart knowledge so that learning can happen. The effective transfer of intellectual property comes easily when you seek to engage the mind via the heart first. Understanding that the mind and heart move the body, just like a small tiller directs a large ship, a great coach becomes sensitive to the player's wellbeing. The coach KNOWS that the emotional/ mental status of the player affects game play. Consider Tiger Woods and his success & 'failures' in golf. Did his golf ability suddenly disappear one day and come back the next? No. The peaceful mind and heart sees and acts clearly. No storms within spell great focus and vision. Channeling what is inside and bringing it out in a positive manner takes finesse, experience and dedication to the development of oneself.

How are you developing yourself today? If we improve 1% every day, if we grab on to passion again, the passion to move forth, then in 365 days we will have moved 365%.

Let's move together friend. #ShouldertoShoulder 


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