Monday, October 5, 2015

Waking the Body & Mind / #coaching #flippedlearning #realworldskills #autism #sk8

The growth of a person cannot be lopsided. Inner and outer growth has to be balanced for optimal results.

Working with a mindset that everything is possible, I meet my students in a place where there are no limits. Usually, I am always at this location first and then guide in (beam in) my student. With the right approach, a great coach can move a student quickly far beyond what they ever dreamed of once mindsets are shifted.

Progress in skateboarding exemplifies this.  Like most endeavors, 'success' springs forward with practice, dedication and commitment. Not just committing to skate, but committing to moving beyond a present skill level. Thus, the mindset is not, "I want to do awesome skateboarding and get really good at it." No, the mindset is, if I just keep at it, little by little, one day at a time, before long I will move across the skill continuum to become a skilled boarder. Skateboarding is engaging and demands mental acumen to be proficient or great at it.

So, even if this sport strengthens ankles, legs and core, it is actually a mega-workout for the brain requiring instant grit and an immediate mindset shift to a 'learning-mode.' Step into this humbling mode and the mind becomes open to learn in an engaged manner. The student becomes motivated with the roller-coaster thrill that accompanies skateboarding at a skatepark. The coach facilitates the perception that the activity is viewed as recreational and fun. Learning is then stored and categorized differently in the brain. This positive experience co-created by the student and the coach sets precedent for the next time. Finally, a great coach will aid in extrapolating and generalizing success in one area and show how the same skills transfer across into other areas of life.

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