Thursday, October 22, 2015

Our #SocialResponsibility to #Police Officer #RandolphHolder / #UnconditionalLove #guncontrol #community #socialgood

Unconditional love keeps its strength
in the face of hopelessness

It won’t let itself be bought
It won’t let itself be sold

Real power comes not in material possessions. 
Real power is not measured by the size of a bank account.
It does not emanate from some geographic location. 
It is not found in the power of the gun, or the fist. 
Real power emanates from hearts that love unconditionally.
This kind of power is very real and present. Some of it keeps communities safe and sound. It keeps families calm knowing that this power does not go to sleep. It is on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year after year, without rest.

The hearts that pump this love forward work relentless hours. Always on-call. Ready at a moment’s notice to answer the call of duty. Some of us honor them. Some of us judge them. Some of us don’t care about them. But all of us are taken care of by them.

These hearts belong to hero’s. They have names. One of them is Randolph Holder. They are part of families. They are son’s. They are daughter’s. They are Mommy’s. They are Daddy’s. They are brothers and they are sisters. 
You know them. 
You see them in the community.
They say hi to you.

These are the police officers that protect America's communities. Always ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice. An army of love ready for us. To save our life, even if it means that they lose their life.

That’s unconditional love. When you love someone regardless of them loving you back. Randolph Holder proved his unconditional love for people like you and me while he was alive and now he proves it in his death also. That is true wealth. When you expect nothing in return for your love. That makes the giver of love rich in deed, filled with true wisdom and understanding about what really matters in life. It is a very real reality that police officers and their families must face every single day.


Bring gun control NOW to our communities. Police Officer Randolph Holder should be home, not in a coffin. He was shot dead by a gang member in New York City. How many more Randoph's must die? He was a young man of 33 years. 33 years old... dead. He will not be able to raise a family. He will not raise a son or a daughter.

How many children must be caught up in criminal life that leads to encounters such as these? Randolph Holder was a hero even before answering the call of duty and paying with his life. He knew this could happen. That makes him a hero before he was shot. 

Having stringent gun control laws in place does not solve everything, yet it could have allowed Randolph to come home after doing his duty to protect and to serve.

Where does our #socialresponsibility begin? When does our transformation as a country go into higher-gear? It is time to tackle this issue head-on. It is time we rise up for each other. That is what we have at the end of the day.. each other.

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