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Criminals Included / #Skateboarding is Not a Crime :) #PositiveDisruption #Scalzi #skatepark #youth #EpicCommitment

Today is Thursday, October 29, 2015. There is hopeful news, but let us take it with a grain of salt. The image of the garbage shown here illustrates that OUR efforts to revitalize Scalzi skatepark are not just wheels spinning in the mud. Truly, it has been a community effort that has encompassed not just physical actions that are easily recognized, such as almost zero new untasteful graffiti, but also a decrease in the amount of garbage found within the skatepark and its immediate periphery outside the gate and its circumference. This could very well be attributed to the mega-storm last night, which would make it rather unappealing to stick around at night at the skatepark, but it could all be attributed to the community outreach by an untold number of stand-up individuals, including skaters of all ages, parents and the Stamford Police. There was indeed new graffiti that I spotted in a hidden corner, which will be taken off (as soon as I get new funds..gotta pay rent:).  

Rather than vilifying the night owl crew whom I know by name now, I have continuously reached out to them and am bringing, as with others, shoulder to shoulder, an epic commitment to fight with a formidable power weapon which would put Bruce Lee's rapid-fire moves to shame... lovingkindness. No fist is raised, no insult is lobbed, no grimace is shown. This is how we fight best. No use in making criminals of each other. 


The next phases are a lot of fun. A high school local skater from Darien, Chris, whom is showcased in one of my latest YouTube videos, showed monster initiative and instead of just me approaching Stamford Parks and Recreation at City Hall, he proposed that we would have greater impact with a written proposal of what we visualize for the skatepark and even put forth that such proposal be presented with a (don't laugh too hard) unionized group of skaters in person.

Keeping momentum is key so moving swiftly and decisively is in OUR best interest. We want to strike while the hammer is hot. What is next? Perhaps a one or a series of on-going fundraisers to expand the skatepark as originally envisioned. There is a sad street skate zone behind the bushes of the present skatepark which we want to have further constructed. You never know... construction crews may come out of the woodwork for the youth in the community:) Also, there is another Chris, a father and skater dude, cool guy, who may hassle an artist friend for some of his time and expertise in order to do murals on the walls. This was his idea, not mine. All I could visualize was 'storytelling' on the walls!! What a grand idea!

Okay, I'll keep you all posted as new developments happen besides me falling on my derriere and being the morning 'bagman' who cleans up the trash:)!


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