Friday, October 2, 2015

#Coaching: Deep Value Behind #Purpose & #Vision Propels All The Way

The beginning of success starts in the heart. It slowly move its way to the mind and once there, momentarily pauses. It is calculating perceived total effort and drive required to manifest itself. 

My students rarely think of ‘success.’ We focus wholeheartedly on process instead. Time goes by and I look back at their progress. The success happens daily in short increments that appear to accumulate over time and consistency. Success is in the details. Establish new ‘forward-operating beachheads’ in the quest for particular excellence is foremost on my coaching mind. That means that I constantly gauge and assess the effort level, motivation and clarity of purpose with my students. 

Shedding light on the value behind a purpose becomes an initial priority. I understand that if I want my soldiers to go #allout,  they must be on-board with ‘why’ we work on what we work on. The value in a purpose helps set up a vision of things to come and provides a process framework in which to work in towards the goal. That becomes a driving motivating force. Realizing how imperative motivation is for goal-directed persistence is only a part of the equation though. For a more complete formula, to manifest ‘success’ we need to be motivated by something, like an idea, a vision, a purpose. Something that touches base deep in our hearts. The deeper the better. Rather than waist your own time, or that of another, do take as much time as you need to figure what reason will get you up out of bed victoriously each day. You need to be ready to continue moving forward with fine-tuning what you call success. This means being clear on the reason why their is fire in your belly. If we are going to keep that fire going and make it into a bonfire, then the reason behind your dreams and goals is everything.

My ‘why’ is clear to me. It keeps my heart and mind aligned. My ‘why’ I put my energy into empowering others is gratitude to God. That is it. That is my 'why,' and I don't try to have others have the same reason. It is just my reason. I am deeply thankful for the blessings in my life in spite of myself. All I can do, all I want to do, is to show my appreciation to Him. Empowering children and adults on the autism spectrum or with executive function challenges is what I do on the surface. Helping to strengthen and shape hearts and minds is engaging for me. I do it happily. My success, which tend to rub off on my soldiers, then springs from choosing to stay grateful, a mindset… a heart set. This always redirects my mind and brings me back to my ‘why.’

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