Friday, October 16, 2015

Algorithmic Patterns Learned While #Surfing / #coaching #ASD #parents #athletics #science

A surfer lets go of the need to control outcomes in the water knowing that he is in something bigger than himself. All he can do is ride his board as gracefully as possible. With some experience he situates himself at the right spot at the right time, and have the ride of his life.

Analyzing wave patterns and their timing, riptide channels, sea floor contour and how the wind interacts with the wave, an experienced surfer takes it all in and moves in sync with all the patterns. Suddenly, the surfer and the water are one, and not two separate entities, yet still retaining their original nature. Two, yet one. The natural algorithmic practice of positioning oneself in tune with breaking waves is a practice of letting go and letting that which is natural physically and mentally move us. Repetition of such a lifestyle activity does go deep into the grain of one and changes you from the inside out. Outside the water, our brilliant minds make connections left and right. This generalization and understanding of patterns is a life skill. 

The mind is always looking to make connections and relate learning. New thinking patterns create new perspectives. New perspectives impact further thought and action. The person changes as their brain actively rewires and makes actual new neural connective thought highways. Surfing will benefit everyone, YET the biggest improvement in cognitive development will be most felt by children and adults with special needs, like autism.

What are we doing as a community to get real about what works? It is no longer business as usual.

 It is time to #bemore for each other. To #accomplishmore.

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