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#StoryDance: Rewiring Our Brains by Rewriting the #Story in our Minds / #teachers #SpEd

Storydancing allows a person to begin to process feelings, ideas, emotions and whatever else is in there by holding those things somewhat in focus as they dance according to metrics, such as:

  1. pace
  2. focus
  3. sustained attention
  4. behavior modulation
  5. goal-directed persistence
  6. self-control
  7. self-monitoring
  8. short-term working memory
  9. mental flexibility (transitions/ shifting)
  10. beat
  11. rhythm
  12. how they feel
  13. story line
  14. story development
  15. story goal

Storydancing is not about filling the air with movement and perfect pitch, but about processing and creating new ways of thinking, feeling and being just by dancing one’s way into a new life. It is a concerted effort to bring the movements of the future into the present as much as it is a catch drain that sweeps our heart and mind

The actual #storydance itself becomes an analogic (analogy) poem in literal motion that amazingly rewrites how you feel about things, and how you see things. Yes, this is movement therapy. Yes it is dance therapy, but those are big categories for what I am talking about.

It is more from my Special Educator, Executive Function Skills Coaching, Political Scientist lens. I see it as a blazing, hot adhd/ autism/ special needs intervention pathway to directly zero in on the development of:

  • self expression
  • executive function skills
  • cross-hemispheric balance
  • soft skills, a personal favorite of mine.

Another lifetime activity that should be up for consideration always is surfing. Surfing has an analogic poetic effect as well that is therapeutic for a human body to experience. The surfer becomes part of a moving painting. Old unproductive stories or mindsets, emotional positions long held and their value dissipate as you paddle past the breakwater, find a spot in the lineup, catch, fail, catch a wave and begin to glide in control of your story. Surfing is meditative and forgive me if Im wrong, dancing with nature.

It is not a bad idea to have a coach exactly like me by your side to help you move through anything you want to move through. 

I get the job done IF you are ready to work with me. I speak fluent Spanish.

twitter: @CoachBill007

instagram: CoachBill007


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