Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A #Poem - #ExtremeSpecialEd Engineering in Mid-Air

Mashing up Henry Ford’s assembly line, 
Dr. Temple Grandin’s low-stress, max process ingenuity, 
and cutting-edge music by groundbreaking artists… 

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@londongrammar @shyboy

Falling in mid-air
feeling way through
Tinkering, eliminating, stripping, fitting, callibrating

Passion-driven teaching 
slicing atmosphere
Entrepreneurial teaching 
heart and soul
smidgen behind for my sanity

Jet propulsion on-line now
Phase one wiring complete
Ground rapidly approaching

Falling mid-air
the engineer on the engine
hammering, tightening, loosening
passion enters
knowledge makes room
experience keeps itself quiet
passion moves 
hearts beat in sync

Ground..rapidly approaching
Igniting thrusters in the last moments before impact
salty dried tears streak the face
a prayer flies out moments before

fire roars..


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