Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Passionate Educator is Unstoppable

Does passion have a place in the learning environment? Can passion surge for long if the salary stays the same regardless? Can intensity be explained? Can intensity be sustained if we are not somehow in the driver's seat or motivated by something that moves our heart and mind?

What is left over in the heart and mind of an Educator after they have given their all? 

What comes back to them? 

Where does the energy emanate from? 

When we value people in their work, we pay them well with money. Pats on the back, compliments and gift baskets feel good... but money pays our bills. I think that a passionate Educator is one that is free and feels free to explore, experiment and discover how to best motivate and engage students. The passionate Educator is willing to fail, in order to achieve successful learning outcomes and motivate the students with great energy. It is incredible how fast we can learn subject matter when our engagement is 'full on.' We look at things differently. Our thinking about our thinking shifts. At that point, even when it rains, all our eye catches is the sunlight.

The idea of novelty, the element of fun, and the feeling of being in a nurturing environment is the magic for the best kind of learning because there is the notion of surprise and adventure in a loving environment. To create this dynamic is easy once you know what you are doing, but hard to sustain if you, the Educator or parent shift your mindset or energy level. Thus, the experience of repetitively succeeding and failing (or trying again without quitting) begins to communicate grit... and grit is not far from passion. Most of the time they carpool together.

The passionate Educator's classroom or students are charged up ladies and gentleman.. they are helpers, outgoing, friendly, selfless, civic servants, thoughtful, loving and kind and adore their Teacher.

The passionate student works harder, focuses better, thinks before acting and looks for opportunity to protect the dynamic. Humans love to work in environments like that because they feel that they are valued, unique and part of something special that is bigger than them. 

What does the Educator get back? What does she reap? She gets what she sowed... and thats why we do what we do.

It's not for the money. 

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