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I first came across Mr. Jake L. Crosby  on Twitter while he was one of the editors at Age of Autism, a slightly edgy, mainstreamish autism awareness journalistic enterprise with some merit. Mr. Crosby is studying for a doctorate in Epidimeology at the University of Texas and is a pivotal blogger for The Epoch Times and Editor-in-Chief for Autism Investigated.

Jake L Crosby is a man on fire in my book.

He is younger than you would think for such an outspoken fellow, but he is a seasoned professional at hat he does and  what he brings to the table…. is better than gold for America right now.

I’d like to very quickly tell you why I believe we are witnessing nothing less than a trailblazer in the ‘call’ for a different kind of autism awareness and why I believe the country needs level-headed men (and woman) of his caliber ‘calling it like it is’ and reiterating something integral to the fabric of this country... ‘doing the right thing.’  

America is a place where ‘doing the right thing’ is taught and greatly valued. It is important to us and we teach it to our children to the best of our abilities. Mr. Jake L. Crosby resonates traits and attributes that are of the highest need in this country at this very moment and I take my black hat off to his focus, foresight, and goal-directed persistence. I have followed his editorial posts across different media outlets and see that he doesn’t just stand out, but is on a whole different operating level.  I recognize maturity in his writings. It is a dirty task to turn on a small lightbulb of truth at the Vaccine Business and its halting freeway connection to churning out 1 in 49 children neurologically damaged.

Here are the top four traits I recognize in Mr. Crosby:

  1. Passionate: Mr. Crosby stays on point, correctly discerns the issues, and stays on message with his shoulder to the plow. 
  2. Unstoppable: He has been slandered, dismissed, and ignored  by the same mainstream media that receives money from Big Pharma for commercial time..and yet… someone is #HotterThanFire.
  3. Courage: Mr. Crosby is facing down (not alone, there are many of us) none other than a billion dollar Big Pharma industry that puts profits before safety when it comes to vaccines. The fact of the matter is that babies sometimes die from vaccines. The brain, the heart, our human system was not… It was never… never… supposed to be receiving human fetal tissue, formaldehyde, medical-grade aluminum, barium, strontium, and cancer causing nasties. Is that just? Is that right? It takes courage to stand equally on your own two feet, do the right thing, and were your heart on your sleeve when it comes to ending the american brain damage onslaught.

He is on fire and Big Pharma media must be trying to figure out how to sideline him constantly.  They are in a big pickle. They have their hand trapped in the proverbial cookie jar. The best thing Big Pharma can do is be a Big Boy and admit failure, poor judgement, and hope to God the courts have mercy on them. Knowing the vaccine court system and the cozy .gov relationship that exists with big pharmaceuticals they should not be too heavily bothered about short-term damages. The damage is on our children's brains. Jokes on us, guys! 

On the long-term however, I am sure that their um.. failure… crime.. would send shattering reverberations across the world since vaccines are administered everywhere.  
Will that happen? Is that happening right now? I think so. Ex-Big Pharma professionals, Ex-CDC officials, ex directors of hallmark european vaccine programs, court systems in the U.S. and Italy, and a growing army of people, organizations, institutions and doctors all see the science, the statistics and the blatant connection between neurological damage and the ingredients in vaccines and are speaking out like never before.

Mr. Crosby plays both a central and supporting role in what is basically a hot battle being fought in almost total media blackout. When you keep pointing a flashlight at one spot, eventually you see everything there. Mr. Crosby is doing that and he is certainly not alone, but is part of this growing, awakened America that is less and less buying the downright crazy notions on the causation of autism put forward by smiling faces on HD TV.

Mr. Crosby’s ability to zero in on the crux of the matter and to chase the trail down to its creation is an exercise in passion. Passion for truth, justice and doing the right thing.

Here is a twitter feed of an interview I conducted with him:

. Coach Bill MA SpEd @CoachBill007 Jul 14
@JakeLCrosby 1st question: Autism Community IS re-forming: What drives the binding of this new impetus?

. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 14
Great question, @CoachBill007! People are waking up; they are coming to realize they cannot trust groups like @canaryparty and @safeminds.

. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 9
CBS Lost Appetite for Government Watchdog Stories... 

. Coach Bill MA SpEd @CoachBill007 Jul 14
@JakeLCrosby next question: Is #autism-creation a lucrative business? If so, for whom?

. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 14
@CoachBill007 For companies that profit off the condition they make? Yes. One may also profit off this simply by discouraging prevention.

. Coach Bill MA SpEd @CoachBill007 Jul 17
@JakeLCrosby Thx! Next Question: Are #chemtrails adding to #autism epidemic?
@JakeLCrosby Thank you. Next Question: If #vaccines r so harmful what drives the .gov & #BigPharma industry to keep pushing #vaccines ?
. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 21
@CoachBill007 The .gov has a mandate to promote vaccines ahead of safety, and #BigPharma profits off them without liability.
. Coach Bill MA SpEd @CoachBill007 Jul 22
@JakeLCrosby Great Answers! Next question: Is their such a thing as a safe #vaccine? Can they b reformulated 2 b safe/effective?

. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 24
@CoachBill007 Yes - if safety and effectiveness can be demonstrated under a new system of oversight that doesn't put promotion before safety.

. Coach Bill MA SpEd @CoachBill007 Jul 25
@JakeLCrosby In an age of #bigdata, #BigPharma & .gov colluding, could your #socialmedia reach, presence & message be stifled? #autism
. Jake Crosby, MPH @JakeLCrosby Jul 25
@CoachBill007 They can try, but they won't succeed.

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