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Going into Overdrive / #SpecialEducation #edchat #autism #ADHD #Formula1 #speed

First Gear... Establish rapport and trust
Second Gear... Role out introduction of new routines
Third Gear... Begin experimenting with routine establishment
Fourth Gear... Deepen rapport and trust and raise challenge level to their performance threshold
Fifth gear... Give them the wheel for a bit and set-up independent performance
Sixth Gear.... Push challenge level to twice the capacity that they can handle.

Allow for engine failure. You don't know where you are at until the engine fails. We need to identify that fine line so that we can go way past it.

No race car is fit for the race if it doesn't go beyond maximum output on the practice track first. The wheels need to be pushed, the engine needs to be throttled, the driver needs to go 'eagle-eye' and feel the pull and push of each turn at high velocity.

No race car driver is fit to lead his velocity machine unless he knows himself/ herself and the car they drive. That's Sun Tzu right there.

Bring Sun Tzu into Special Education. Hard to do when your pay check comes from an employer though. Their are preconditions, requirements, and pre-established expectations set upon the instructor/ Educator/ coach as to what kind of performance is wanted.

But a self-employed professional... that's different. I still am beholden to the parents, and that is good, but the amount of creative license I have is unfathomable. What employer would be okay with me going big on breakdancing and self-expression dancing? What employer would let me experiment and fail, experiment and fail, experiment and then finally succeed?

I am a Private Special Educator looking to turn tables for the benefit of kids and adults with autism, learning disabilities like ADD/ ADHD and those labeled as being on the autism spectrum.

I am focused on being the best. The best is the most effective and efficient in the least amount of time. The best meets the desires of the individual or parents but then shows them new heights for their kid. The best delivers like clockwork.  The best knows that to stay the best he must stay novel, fun, engaging, challenging, genuine, bold, restless... innovative, disruptive and goal-directed.

No Formula 1 race car or its driver reaches number one without going into overdrive every day. No Formula 1 race car or its driver stays number one without pushing itself harder than others.


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