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For other uses, see Self-realization (disambiguation).
Self-realization is an expression used in psychology, spirituality, and Eastern religions. It is defined as the "fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality.[1]
In one overview, Mortimer Adler defines self-realization as freedom from external coercion, including cultural expectations, political and economic freedom, and the freedom from worldly attachments and desires etc. Paramahansa Yogananda defined Self-realization as "the knowing — in body, mind, and soul - that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. All we have to do is improve our knowing.”[2]


Can a person self-realize multiple times? Can there be regression? Does the act of attaining self-realization make one better at self-actualizing?

What is self-realization? 

It is by some professionals in neuropsychology identified as an executive function skill. If it is, nice!  If it is not, then it is a great life skill to be adept at. Repeatedly being able to trigger self-realization and self-actualization.

I think that the first time I felt such an idea both physically and mentally I was meditating. It felt just as described in Wikipedia’s working definition above. Special human skills were not required to attain this experiential understanding. I personally establish activities to rapidly trigger these experiences in children on the autism spectrum from low to high functioning. I am especially successful with my most motivated ones. I work with one three year old for example, that is inspiring me by his inner drive alone. He is verbal but with significant speaking challenges. What he has heaps and heaps off is a push to better himself... focused. He has inner fire that can't be replicated. He is also now meditating on a daily basis with rapidly decreasing stemming behaviors during meditation time and sits still for 2 and three minutes. His increased confidence level and muscular strength have both increased also at the same time. 

2 Strategies a Parent/ Educator can bear in mind tonight:

  1. Practicing this kind of rapid skill build-up is best done with the help of me..Coach Bill Stowell-Alonso, MA SpEd. I can step in, start you up, bringing you up to speed, and step out when you got the wheel. Consulting with me can be done through Skype and doesn't blow your wallet. Email me at if your serious. (No marketing emails or large cash offers from supposed-African governments  that don't know how to write a coherent sentence please!)
  2. Starting a short meditation routine one time a day using a whisper countdown and focusing on slow, deep, hold your breath breathing can pay dividends for a child with attentional deficits, focusing or sustaining attention challenges in as little as 5-7 days. The catch is that you have to make the time to practice the routine. Meditation has many different forms, but in its most well-known basic form it is simply being still with your eyes closed, while gently alternating between diaphragmatic breathing and normal, less intensive breathing. The breathing certainly helps as a gentle redirecter of focus and attention away from ideas, thoughts, images, emotions, pressing decisions, and desires, and more towards just being still, still, still.... like an Autumn leaf gently spinning down to the forest floor. Landing, it just stays there. It doesn't have to move. It can just be there breathing, resting, being. Time passes. Seconds turn into minutes. The pressing matters, ideas and emotional ships of our lives  attempt to roll into harbor like a San Francisco morning fog. Soon the meditator who is the harbor master begins to refocus and clear the bay with great bursts of wind... breathing in slowly for 6-8 seconds, holding it in the bottom parts of our belly for 6-8 seconds, and releasing it through the mouth for 7-9 seconds. Repeated 5-10 x's and all unwanted ships are blown out far far at sea, dissapearing.

In essence, a central goal in my practice is to trigger sustained self-realization for my students. I employ dozens of 'growth hacks' in the process of facilitating closer and closer encroachment towards short and long term success for the student. Another executive function skill activity that fires up one's sensory and executive function skill processing is surfing. One can self-realize, transcend while surfing, at least temporarily All the cares of the world are left behind, the brain is fully-engaged, and one is fully engaged in the present moment

Surfing has an incredible effect on anyone's mind and body. It should be a required standard wherever possible in the U.S public schools that have access to surf able beach breaks. Surfing is a full-on experience that demands full engagement and calibration of executive function skill, sensory skill, and emotional intelligence abilities all coming into play within  micro-seconds.

I, as do other skateboarders and surfers understand this concept and experience well, though it is somewhat difficult to put into words.  It has to be experienced to be best understood. Surely, hormonal regulation is happening, adrenaline is pumping, but ligaments and minute physiological changes are taken place also. The bone structure of people who grew up dancing, surfing skateboarding all tend to have a greater degree of bone density due to the repeated strain and pressure put on them during those activities. A full body workout can be attained with far reaching impacts that are not necessarily tied directly to 'self-relaizing.'

All said, meditating, surfing, dancing, and skateboarding pack a wallop with all executive function skills firing off like pistons in a race car. Sensory skills all go-online like a fleet of sailing ships racing a regatta. Emotional intelligence usage is thrown into overdrive. This triggers understandings on multiple levels that are experienced and remembered by the child or adult..... right down to the muscle memory contraction. Before you know it, you will see growth in other areas seemingly unrelated. Confidence, tactical awareness and tenacity all increase as out of the blue.

I self-realize/ self-actualize when I skateboard, so I skateboard daily if I can. It keeps me loose. It is like a daily re-wiring exercise that helps me reset. My children love to practice skateboarding also. 

It keeps me feeling physically loose and mentally sharp. I love to skateboard for this reason. It is an awesome feeling to move across space fluidly while doing something close to dancing. I see how this helps give impetus to my personal and professional process of being open, innovative, creative, positive, caring, daring, and even loving.

I realize that my experiences of self-realization trigger new forms of self-expression, or changed forms of self-expression. Everybody does this everyday to an extentThey can trigger heart and soul reactions in me and my students when I am successful. Triggering heart and soul reactions  is one of my greatest 'growth hacks,' in order to facilitate rapid improvements.

Parents, educators, coaches and caregivers can help children, teenagers, and young adults with executive function skill deficits, ADHD or on the autism spectrum are urged to integrate from early on practical ways to set the stage for self-realization and self-actualization in the short and long term.

Meditation, longboard surfing, skateboarding and dancing unlocks hearts, establish renewed inner controls, and gives a person a new lease on life.. even if they are three years old, can hardly talk and are on the autism spectrum. They rapidly develop the executive function skills, increase hemispheric connectivity, and make for great interpersonal skills. The catch is that you got to integrate these activities into your life. Kids on the autism spectrum and with attentional deficits basically win the lottery if they become consistent at these.

Want more of Coach Bill? Email him through http://www.CoachBill.US and click through to the contact page.

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