Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#Poem: #Dancing when they don't #Dance / CoachBill.US #executivefunction #autismparent #ADHD

Shake the left shoulder back and forth.
Bring down the electricity to your left leg and ankle.
Shake it to the beat.
Open up the arms like an airplane and bounce them. Keep the elbows up.
Close your eyes and try to move to the rhythm.

Mimic your functionality to your child.
Bring out your heart and soul so that they do likewise.
Bear it.

Everything else turns them inward.
Use self-expression to infuse art into the home life.
Break down.
Play the electronic dance music by Flight Facilities. Songs like Apollo, Claire De Lune & Stand Still are dancy).
Freeze dance.

Express yourself even if they are stiff as logs.
Express yourself even if you have been in the freezer for decades.
Blend mechanics with the moment being fun and positive.
Communicate through dance.
#StorytellingDancing is a form of emotional processing that is as fun as surfing.. If not more.

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