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Growth hacking is a relatively new computer engineering term originating about half a decade ago. In the business world it implies being able to visualize and make come to pass ways to grow a business. Growth hacking has some aspects of ‘upselling,’ which is a common marketing tool but it is so much more than upselling. It is in another ballpark altogether.

A growth hack is an engineered thought that becomes a successful sequenced set of actions having a cause and effect mechanism by which few or many functions work together to create an effect that leads to some sort of real growth in the business.

As a self-employed Private Special Educator of twelve years in the field focused on the rapid, holistic natural executive function skill development of kids and adults with ADHD, executive function skill deficits or autism, I have been keen to deliver results you can see, hear and experience. My income depends on it. My family depends on it. 

So I actually work day and late into the night month after month, year after year on growth hacking towards my mission attainment. To disrupt, dislodge and free the creative and professional authority of Educators and to establish entrepreneurial thinking into instructional execution that impacts people with autism, ADHD or executive function skill deficits.

An Educator is an artist, and in the current paradigm, Educators are highly-restricted and directed by top-down educational mindsets and policies that cannot readily pivot on a dime. 

Being able to strip down, fine-tune, rev-up and put into motion revised executive function skill tools and strategies means i think about how to always do rapid boosting that is effective and efficient. I am an Entrepreneur Special Educator. 

Growth hacking is both a part of my pedagogy and will continue to be a central part of my benevolent, disruptive rise in American education. There are different, innovative and effective ways to get from point a to point b, it doesn’t have to take so long, we can make up lots of ground by stripping down to what works, growth hacking student success constantly all the while being more innovative and engaging.

Who knows, we might all even surprise each other with what we come up with. I growth hack to unleash creativity, self-realization, confidence, motivation and self-expression. I growth hack to facilitate rapid development of executive function skills, hemispheric balancing, emotional intelligence and even sensory processing. One new strategy I have used as a growth hack over the last few years is integrating more and more the idea of teaching entrepreneurship to adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum. I find that entrepreneurship guides thinking and desire creating momentum and 'buy-in' from my student. 

Why not? Another growth hack is teaching a child on the autism spectrum with challenging issues to dance.  Dancing can create a self-expression platform for a demographic that finds it cumbersome to express. Playing music develops hemispheric balancing and processing speed along with increasing neural synaptic connectivity between the cranial hemispheres and the frontal lobe, which house the executive function skills. So an easy growth hack to decrease stemming and increase confidence, functional balance, social skills and self-expression is dancing to the top POP 20 music countdown. 

You have to learn what to leverage and how to leverage to get them motivated from the get-go. Of course, I can pull it off and you might not be able to. That’s why I am Coach Bill. I can make hard things look really easy. I can make it look very easy. I deliver results like I drink tea day and night. I deliver results like I dance every night…Parents can also. They just need special training for direction and guidance.

My job is to rewire thinking, to increase processing speeds, to facilitate the growth of individual executive function skills, to establish newly desired routines and to push my students past the comfort zone.  my job is fro train the parents to operate the program in my absence when possible and to stay novel, interesting and motivating for a student. In essence, I focus on engineering ideas that can catapult growth and/ or progress towards goal-attainment as quickly as possible. Otherwise, what am i doing?

Quite frankly, my job depends on me staying ‘relevant.’ To stay relevant when working with say a child with zero eye coordination and on the autism spectrum for example, growth hacking can be evident by me using dancing and skateboarding as vehicles that simultaneously employ dozens of executive function skills in conjunction. Skateboarding on a small cruiser board requires nothing short than all of ones body and mind to be fully focused and attentive to the moment. I can mine or hack into growth chambers by using such conduits as dancing, meditation, chess, surfing, horseplay, and the writing process all to develop the person or child across a plethora of categories. Of course, these are not my only activities, but they are pivotal to my work.

My ideas may be taken, and I want that, but my instructional execution stays with me. I deliver again and again.

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