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Don't Blame #Mom's For #Autism: Blame Practice of Profits Before Safety / CoachBill.US #autismparents

In the Twitter world, #autismparents, #hearthisnow and #cdcwhistleblower groups represent a growing cadre of parents and adults who see that there might be something to admitals by Center for Disease Control Directors that vaccines directly are linked to the causation of autism, and not as opposing social media threads would have us think, directly the result of genetic mutations caused by air pollution or genetically-faulty Mom's.

Air pollution in some locations in the world can be horrendous and lead to early death as well as severe neurological damage... if you live in Beijing.. perhaps. It also makes sense that in this day and age we may be heavily taxing our DNA'S ability to stay intact in the face of various forms of pollution.

Yet, it is still by far, more plausible that vaccines which are made with preservatives, such as mercury, barium, strontium, formaldehyde, aluminum, and body tissue from dead humans, as well as monkeys. and cancer-causing viruses may be delivering a greater neurological payload damage hit from which an increasing number of developing, infant, toddler human beings are having an issue overcoming.

That is probably more likely the issue. In the meantime, I believe that Mother's are being indirectly targeted as autism-creators when the truth is far from it. If this is so, then this is an isolation tactic that places a burden of blame and responsibility on the Mother that is unfair given the truth of the actual causation of 'autism,' or neurological damage, and unjust, given that Mother's are usually the first advocates and champion's in the life of their child on the autism spectrum. Please keep in mind that parents with children or adult-children with autism, to an extent, carry a stress, cortisol hormone average level in their body that is substantially much higher than average people. Autism parents general wherewithal is somewhat likened to battle-experienced soldiers who have done multiple tours of duty.

The work of the heavily ignored Dr. Russell Blaylock on what is in vaccines and what happens when they enter the body and brain is archived on his website under the same name. Just as well, the work of the U.S. Courts that ruled over 84 x's that vaccines cause autism is archived and a matter of public record. Still, in the face of this, mainstream pediatric practices soldier on in their propagation of handing out the shots like its an American duty to do so.

I say safety before profits. Safety before profits. Regardless of the merits of vaccines, various high profile government entities, even the #CDC themselves, have come forward and have said that the vaccines are causing neurological damage which we call autism spectrum disorder.

Well, the vaccine preservative-created neurological damage also helps create more mild disorders then, like ADHD/ ADD. Or do vaccines only cause maximum impact damage and no less? Their must be a continuum. Either way, is it Mom's genes or probably the continuous hits of aluminum to Charlie's infant body and brain gotten with each vaccine?

Villifying the CDC or the .gov is easy. Villifying and playing the blame game keeps the discussion effectively in 2nd gear. Their seems to have been wrongdoing that has led to people and companies getting rich while millions of people are being maimed, and families are being placed under incredible pressures. Key figures in the vaccine industry are singing and the house of cards has been exposed in specific areas. That much has happened.

Can things continue on? Can mainstream pediatricians love affair with vaccinating continue? When is enough enough?

In my upcoming blog post, I am publishing a Twitter interview with Jake Crosby. Editor for Autism Investigated and The Epoch Times touching on this issue. In the meantime, do you think Mom's should be directly/ indirectly blamed for creating kids with autism?


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