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The Welcomed Grief That Comes with the Job

In my line of work, a part of my heart takes on a part of the grief of parents who have children with more severe special needs, like autism. I empathically feel some of the pain expressed by the mothers. Their tears can become my tears eventually, and some of their energy gets replicated and carried by me. I in turn channel it (as best I can) into my work, and my advocacy for the disadvantaged individuals.

 Apparently, I should channel more effectively because there is a fire in my bones. I can regulate and modulate and have multiple outlets for my energy, but the grief of some of these parents is monumental. I recognize injustice.

Children with autism are not usually born autistic. It is after we plug them over and over again with the nasty preservatives, like barium, strontium, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminimum ( a metal last time I checked), and cancer-causing viruses. Read up on the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock (who has not been completely sidelined by the Big Pharma-vaccine lobby yet) to understand that heavy metal and radioactive stuff in the gently forming neurological processes of ANYTHING is going to stunt and warp growth.

This is common sense.

Should we put safety before profits?

Should we put statistics before the health of millions in a world of billions?

Big Pharma relies on all of us reading a post like this, or an article advocating responsibility in vaccines and it hopes it will just be an article for you. One that you read and does not spur you to action as you seek the best for your family. Big Pharma and the vaccine industry (includes .gov) want you to not think too hard about causes.... Just think about interventions, and go on a autism awareness walk!

Interventions are great, but they can't undue all or most of the damage done to the brain. My approach does indeed spur the sustaining of new synaptic neural connections between the frontal lobe and the right and left hemispheres using natural lifestyle routines, and I AM replete with interventions of the executive function skills development kind. But I can't undue epileptic seizures on a non-verbal child with autism. I can't fix a lot of things. What I can do is bring in concrete hope. I practice planning ahead with all I work with, I practice prioritizing our work, and I practice starting and finishing our plans. I bring in joy and excitement. I bring in my heart and I go out of my way to connect genuinely without words. I look to go above and beyond each time. 'I push the envelope.'

I feel the grief of many parents. I look on the causes and I see injustice. I see the lie and injustice perpetrated by those in control of manufacturing vaccines, those supposedly regulating it, and those allowing it to be marketed to armies of doctors who often times stop their training once they get their diploma. They stop their training, and mount a medical business, which would be okay if the doctors would continue to read and evaluate new information that is not just pumped out by the same organizations that promote profit in vaccines before safety.

I have reservoirs of grief in me, and its not all mine. (Lot's of laughs.) I feel for the parents, I see the cause of the neurological damage, and I see that the business circus continues virtually unabated.

Autism is avoidable to a tremendous degree. Why are not mothers informed that if they breastfeed, all their own vaccines and antibodies pour into the child by the breast without the nasty poisons dubbed 'preservatives?' 

Nobody wants polio, so breastfeeding your child can prevent it. We don't need to shoot a beautiful infant girl with hepatitis b shots which is a sexually-transmitted disease. To me it sounds crazy. It is like common sense is a coat that is kept in the closet for many so-called professionals. They never take it out. It just stays there while hundreds of thousands, nay, millions play Russian roulette with getting themselves vaccinated or their kids.

Fathers want to raise their boys and be able to talk to them like any typical child. Those who's kid was maimed by a vaccine are left to pick up the pieces and try to put SOME of them back together. 

I think we have a faulty, profit-driven system that appears to be more important than human life. To me, life is precious, and I understand that I am in a line of work that puts me next to individuals and families who sometimes have a lot on their plate. They don't mean to give me grief, but I do what I do because I love. I know I have reservoirs of grief, but they are right next to my deep reservoirs of true love.


Coach Bill is a private Special Educator for the hearts and minds of parents with children and adult-children on the autism spectrum. He is also an Executive Function Skills Coach for kids and young adults with ADHD and executive function deficits.

CoachBill.US and Life Skills Corp. is hiring! Special Educators wishing to be trained and work as Executive Function Skills Coaches can contact CoachBill.US  Must have graduate degree. 

Puerto Rico  New York City  Connecticut  Martha's Vineyard


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