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When you think of Special Education, do you think of a classroom? Do you think of kids with impairments? What do you think of? If you are a parent with a child in Special Education, do you think of those wonderful team meetings? Do you think about the passage of time and the lack of progress with your child? How about if you use to receive some kind of special education? Do you feel like you have untapped potential? Do you feel like your child can do much more? Are you frustrated? Are you angry? Are you near your 'wits end,' and don't see a good light at the end of the tunnel?

What if I told you that there is at least one private Special Educator out there with a drive for performance? The performance of your child to go above and beyond. There is a private special educator in America that wears his heart on his sleeve for his students to see, and challenges them to new heights completely outside the zone of what parents think feasible or attainable. No other Special Educator takes the risk, or pushes the envelope like this professional. He is not beholden to government paychecks, or administrative oversight, except of that of the parents.

He has crossed America from one tip to the other honing his craft in public and private schools, as well as directly with families in Boston, Cape Cod, O'ahu, New York, Connecticut and Puerto Rico with a focus on ADD/ADHD, executive function skill deficits and autism. 

This Special Educator uses leading-edge best instructional practices and methods (pedagogy) that knock the door hinges clear of old-school Special Education public school instruction and places what seemed out of reach within reach. 

Case in point, an 11 year old, non-verbal child use to sleeping on a rug in a living room worked with this maverick Special Educator and within 12 months she went from a tremendously violent angry disposition to being loving, caring, being an effective student, and taking on a structured daily routine. During that year of coaching, her old self fought hard but it was no use. She ripped the shirts off her teachers, clawed at one's skin, through objects at one, and would run away at will. Yet, her old ways ran out of steam without the feedback such antics needed to continue.

Integrating components of different instructional approaches was not enough for this case. Outside the box thinking was only going so far. When facing such a set of challenges from one student something more is needed. Being able to transcend one's expertise and knowledge base and connect at a deep, soul level with the student is what brought in the 'touchdowns' of progress. 

This private Special Educator is me, Coach Bill Stowell-Alonso MA SpEd. I am not the best, but I am one of the most effective in my profession.  I wear my heart on my sleeve for my students to see. I use it to communicate more so than my toungue. Kids are always the first to show recognition of this. I immediately reach out to them and begin speaking without words through action, body language, and eye contact. I speak to them a tempered, non-verbal language of love, respect and caring. Along with my expertise and professional knowledge-base, a teacher-student relationship built on love, respect, and caring paves the ground with golden bricks of success with no cracks to fall in-between. 

After 12 months the child had her own room, clothed and groomed herself daily, vacuumed and would make her own bed, would go to school and stay in school without tantrums, she stopped all physical violence, began bike riding, eating a balanced diet (it was all white food before), tremendously increased her academic performance, and became a very pleasant person to be around with.

I was a professional with her, but I treated her with love and dignity every moment. She responded to that and let me know by her changing persona that I was on the right track. I believe that I am successful because I seek to go beyond the confines of professionalism and to connect with my heart. People respond to that.

That is why I wear my heart on my sleeve and that is why I am an incredibly effective private Special Educator and Executive Function Skills Coach.


Are you an adult with ADD-like symptoms? Are you the parent of a child with such? Are you the parent of a child on the autism spectrum? Do you know of someone who has learning disabilities and is frustrated with the way things are going for them?

Make an appointment via CoachBill.US or (No marketers, please.)

Coach Bill operates 1:1 with individuals and families in all of Connecticut, the New York City metro area, Martha's Vineyard, Providence, RI and Puerto Rico. He visits each region on a monthly basis and is assisted by a small, select staff per area.

Life Skills Corp. is also a credentialed After-School provider for the Department of Child and Family Services in Connecticut.

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