Friday, August 22, 2014

#VinayMadabusi A #CommunityEntrepreneur w/ #Autism

#VinayMadabusi is a #CommunityEntrepreneur w/ #Aspergers: Polished & Directed w/ #ExecutiveFunction Skills Coaching by #CoachBill

Vinay Madabusi, a native of MiddleEarth Connecticut, holds a degree in Criminology and has a passion for doing away with the culture that leads to gang formation across his state. He is focused on working with gang members. He is focused on working with kids who may be at risk of becoming gang members. He is focused on doing 'open source' intellectual property transfers to parents from low-income neighborhoods that help their kids do better academically and professionally. He has a dream to be the change he wants to see in the world.

He wants to be a benefit to others, to 'railroad' the underpinnings that lead to gang culture one person, and one group of people at a time. To do so, I have given him a tool bag to take along, aside any other tools and strategies he may use in order to create successful efficacy outcomes in his work.

He has a SIMPLE multi-point strategy that is built on, amongst other things, executive function skill awareness  and effective usage of concrete metrics. Though he 'has' Asperger's, he maintains his status as a Criminologist. Though he is soft-spoken, his goal-directed persistence  is like a roaring lion in pursuit of his prey.  The development in critical thinking skills, entrepreneurship, and community-minded projects is flexible enough of a framework to be able to lend itself to a person's particular passion or focus.

In one sense, as his Executive Function Skills Coach, I was actually able to channel his Asperger's entrepreneurially and run it on EF skill metrics. He is an executive function skills coach-in training and now my colleague. He also just got hired to be part of my Life Skills Corp. clinical staff for working within foster kids in the Department of Child and Family Services in Connecticut.

He is a man on a mission. A #ManOnFire. 

With less and less of my oversight, he is able to effectuate use of 'high-efficacy parameters' that rig outcomes positively, and teach this to others to learn and apply it to.  It is a way to end welfare mentality as well, I told him. We are giving away the house  by using an antidote blueprint that is created within the context of executive function skill  and hemispheric development.

That is not all, Mr. Madabusi wants to use success in Connecticut as a springboard and platform to pilot an even bigger group outreach program in India, where he has family, and I have aspirations of program piloting a community entrepreneur series of community-minded projects, as well.

But Mr. Madabusi was not always like this. He has been diagnosed with a very high-functioning form of autism called Asperger's. His passion use to be stuck and channeled only by incessantly watching youtube videos on gang member life. He readily admits it as if it is nothing. Then he will tell you that he was obsessed with it. He knows. But that is in the past, and it wasn't all for nothing, apparently. 

Their are still minor stemming movements, but by and by, he doesn't care, because his focus is clear to him, and he sees the value and benefit to others and to him by caring for outcasts and down-trodden people. 

He still has Asperger's, but he has smashed through and metamorhosized himself. I was and am a catalytic converter in the process.

He can be reached at VinayMadabusi.Com or on Twitter @VinayMadabusi


Do you have a son or daughter with Asperger's or a lesser functioning form of of autism? ADHD? Executive function skill deficits and not being productive?

Do you have a middle school child with time management, planning ahead, and organization issues? 

My name is Coach Bill, I am a private Special Educator, Executive Function Skills Coach, and Community Entrepreneur. I can operate by video chat or in person. 

CoachBill.US operates in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Westchester County, NY, New York City, Martha's Vineyard & all of Puerto Rico on a monthly basis.

Affordable individual or group pricing available.

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