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Have a Dream,Tell a Dream, Do a #Dream

You can't stop a fella' who has a dream.

I have a dream, and I will tell you a dream, and I am doing my dream.

My dream serves many purposes and it is my desire to please God. In my dream, I rapidly raise the quality of life of children and adults with autism, ADHD, and executive function skill deficits. In my dream, I use creative and innovative approaches to make what was once thought impossible...possible. In my dream, I teach kids with autism to be acclimated to living outside their comfort zone. In my dream, I work with kids, teenagers and parents at the poverty level to rapidly develop their executive function skills through the context of customized entrepreneurship. In my dream, I am a servant-leader empowering others to be servant-leaders who give back to their community. In my dream, I am a small light that brings hope into hearts, and I watch that light go from heart to heart.

I have a dream. I dream that families who think they are destitute see that their is hope and that they need not wait on .gov for some meager check. In my dream, I see countless families and individuals replicating and duplicating this burning light into others, far beyond me, to the point where they cannot trace it back to me. In my dream, I am not some big, famous person, but I am a father of three children who can be proud of their Daddy, and learn the value of being self-less, of caring for others regardless of who they are, or what they believe in.

I have a dream that individuals with clout, loud speakers, and 'power' can put their weight behind this dream. I have a dream that these individuals who God has given 'position' to can see that my dream is not a self-serving dream, but a dream to break the glass metacognitive ceiling that stops many, slows down many (even me), from tightening their boot straps, wiping the mud off their face after they have failed miserably, and taking God's flint and Stone and working at keeping that fire alive.

I have a dream of entering housing projects humbly and fighting the good fight for the hearts of fatherless children. I have a dream that youth centers that service kids at the poverty level (or near the poverty level) will take chances with me and let me do what I do.

I have a dream that some of these kids will grow up and have positively changed lives, not because I did it for them, but because they saw my example, and duplicated it with others.

I am doing my dream. I need help from others.  Will you enter my dream? Will the governor of a state enter my dream? Will the director of a youth center enter my dream? I think they could, for my dream is the dream of many others too. 

I think God put this dream in me. 

You can't stop a fella'....who has a dream.

Have a dream.... Tell a dream.... Do a dream.


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