Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#ExecutiveFunction Skills Development Held Hostage in the #AgeOfAutism

If you go on mainstream television news broadcasts it may hard to find a talking head that is politically incorrect these days. This is largely due to the fact that most mainstream news networks are owned by a few handful of entities who lack frontal lobes. It is not beyond imagination to see that some (if not all) mainstream news outlets are run and programmed by hidden agendas that overrun their ability to lead true journalistic enterprises unfettered by corrupt tendencies. News television viewers are left with 'news' that is slanted towards a viewpoint, news that focuses on one or a set of topics only, and news that is okay for the ones paying for the 30 second commercials every three minutes.

It may just be that all who enter the mainstream news outlets only enter if they agree to tow the unspoken agenda of that news organization. Does this mean that each of these journalist must hang up their ability to speak unbiasedly and critically? Does this mean that each of these journalist put truth and the pursuit of truth second to keeping their job and income? How does this affect their executive function skills, and how does this mold and shape the executive function skills of the masses of people who slurp up the information served as 'news?' 

The ability to gaugue is an incredibly important executive function skill that can be made soft through lack of toning, or mis-directed toning.  Individuals who are not taught to think critically can be 'taken' by riveting news images with accompanying musical score. What ensues is a melodrama that seizes on weak executive functioning abilities by short-circuiting the emotions of the viewer with visual eye-candy. Take for example the current 24/7 coverage of the Michael Brown case. As usual, the news outlets have their music, their million-dollar news rooms, perfectly-coifed broadcasters, and the penchant for aiming to make one feel like their is no news more worthy to be published than the news they are watching now. Ilustrating this are the readily-available Simpsonwood Georgia conferences that ocurred practically two decades ago. In these conferences, the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, the Center for Disease Control and a few other top medical/ health organizations all spoke of, and admitted that their was a striking correlation between vaccines and the rise of 'autism.' One spokesman even went on to say that their was just no way that the 100,000,000 vaccines that had been recently manufactured could not just be thrown away, but would have to be administered while BigPharma created 'safer vaccines.' The truth of the matter is that their is still mercury in countless vaccines given in America and across the world. Their is still aluminum, barium, strontium, formaldehyde, cancer-causing viruses and other nasties in each vaccine.  Safety before profit is what I say with America's treasures.

Given the legions of children and adults who are maimed, or partially-maimed by vaccines, why is it not front and center on major television news networks? 1 in 44 boys becomes autistic in America, while in pockets of our land, like Puerto Rico, it is even higher. With all respect to Michael Brown and his family.... this is a much major news headline. 

This is sad.

How can a network attack a big pharmaceutical corporation that consistently purchases millions of dollars of TV time to air its latest commercial on their new 'medicine' for restless leg syndrome? 

Forget the families that have to deal with their child who is practically non-verbal. Forget the fathers who can't have a decent conversation with their son who may be severely brain/ gut damaged. Forget the scores of adults who are neurologically damaged and have to have care all their lives. 

What can you do to help your family gauge the truth? How can critical thinking skills be taught in your home? What can you do differently to set a new tone in your home so that your kids can become rational adults capable of making informed decisions? 

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