Monday, August 25, 2014

#CoachBill.US is Hotter than #Fire

There is a howling in the streets..

In the streets of Puerto Rico there is a howling going on for the dire need of more and better special education services.

Who is listening? 

Just last week on a Puerto Rican television news broadcast, people were protesting outside the governor's mansion, wailing, shouting, and a'howling.  In a time of great need, public funds have been severely cut and this has happened just as autism rates skyrocket per capita when compared to mainland U.S.A. That is just one disability. Their are scores of children, adolescents, and young adults with severe neurological disabilities, physical disabilities, speaking, gross and fine motor deficits who need specialized education that is modified and adapted so that they can learn best. But as of now, many get it on a limited basis. Their just isn't enough of an industry to service all the special educational needs.  

What can the government do? Is this necessarily bad in the long-term that funds have dried up? This may spur a 'cottage industry' to burgeon right here on the island of salsa and rumba.

 Must government be the end all be all, especially when it comes to special education services? For sure, their are great professionals within the ranks. But what about community entrepreneurism stepping in alongside special education?  

Let's face it . Puerto Rico is bloated with debt and cash-strapped. Moody's has downgraded its credit, and austerity programs run the length of the island. Their is no money and budgets have been severly cut, especially in education. This may be a good thing because it sends the signal that Puerto Rico is seeking a robust growth in special education and related professional services that more closely mirror what is readily available in many other parts of the U.S. already.

These parents are frustrated and anxious. Tension fills the air because time is of the essence. Many, many children and adolescents with a great need for tailored services, such as executive function skills coaching services rendered by graduate level or higher-degree special educators, simply are priced-out, or never hear of the existence of these services via their insurance network providers.  This is a reality that has been changing state-side for providers like me, whereby insurance companies ARE covering a great percentage of each billed session. Of course, it takes time for these changes to reach Puerto Rico's health insurance shores for one reason or another. One thing is for sure, appropriate reimbursement to families and individuals receiving specialized educational services, such as executive function skill & hemispheric balancing coaching would be a tremendous windfall for low-income families dependent on a finite number of services within their network.

Their is a howling in the streets and all the 'bureaucratic red tape' in the world cannot placate the reality that these kids are not being serviced, or serviced properly. The government cannot be Batman, and rescue even itself. Before we blame the government for another social failure, we should send a message to every special educator on the island, as well as related service professionals, to be more entrepreneurial and supplement their income by offering tailored services directly to individuals and families. This spurs innovation, it is fun, and the community wins.

CoachBill.US is on the island, was raised here, and is a man on fire for the empowerment of the executive function skills and hemispheric balancing of infants, kids, and young adults with ADHD, executive function skill deficits and autism. 

Forget trying to get services from the government all the time. Coach Bill can come to your home, does group training for kids and parents, and is one of the most effective Special Educators the world has produced. I try harder in each and every way. I go above and beyond. My livelihood depends on it.

(I may not be the best, but I am effective. My 'Puerto Rico rates' are sensitive and flexible and I am focused on rapid routine establishment that is customized, and laser-focused on the skills you are looking to strengthen.)

Not in Puerto Rico? Their is howling going on  in Bridgeport, Connecticut, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts. Their is howling going on across this great country.

Contact Coach Bill for an executive function skills evaluation and home program set-up. Coach Bill is warm, a father of three, and works with his heart and mind for your benefit.

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