Friday, April 4, 2014

Devaluing Life Leads to a 'Throw Away Culture'

In the present age, statistics and data are king. By these, calculated decisions are made  and courses of action are taken. Concepts, such as 'cost benefit' weigh heavily upon final decision making. But when it comes to the cost/ benefit decision making that can impact the very lives of other people to such an extreme that life is lost, is that ethical?

In the world of business, is it ethical that someone bear the burden of making the final decision on the cost/ benefit of giving or taking life? Let's say that the decision to take mercury out of vaccines is postponed until 100,000,000 dosages are given out before making a new batch without (but w/ barium, strontium, aluminum, formaldehyde, human tissue, and adyuvants, which are cancer viruses. This way the money spent on the 'tainted vaccines' is not waisted.

In this case, though the cost to human life and neurological health has been high, one bozo thought the cost/ benefit would be doable. This actually happened at the famous Simpsonwood Georgia Conferences. No one has been arrested and these agencies still flame out their smugness. I think official judges (and God Himself) are the one's who are reputed with handling such matters as weighty as deciding the lives of multitudes of people. Yet, the law of the land has been pushed aside at the dancehall and in has come a hodgepodge entity representing an unethical union between special interest and government. Remiss to say that this square dance ends badly. Everyone at the party gets sick with the punch and goes home early.

This has been well documented as happening for secula seculorum between big pharmaceutical companies, government actors like the U.S. Congress, the Executive Office, and agencies like the Federal Drug Administration, the Center for Disease Control, and its international loud speaker, the World Health Organization. These entities have experienced 'revolving door disorder,' and 'back room deal syndrome,' both of which are serious, incurable and highly contagious. In this system, is the big pharmaceutical companies make obscene amounts of money while rigging the game in Washington D.C. to their legislative favor for as long as possible, and as much as possible. Close relationships are formed between government officials and actors who represent special interests groups, or associations of industry-related companies who put capital towards lobbying the lawmakers and decision makers. Is this fair?

He with the most money gets to impact the laws in their favor..hmmmm... sounds like the ol' might is right, weak is wrong way of thinking. Shortsighted if you ask me. In that reality, the ends justifies the means, even if it means peoples are dying daily for it. For example, did you know that one in fifty children becomes 'autistic' by the age of three? Did you know the twenty two United States of America soldiers take their own life every day? That is one hundred and fifty four souls a week! Did you know Lyme disease was created by the CDC just to see what would happen? Were are the rights of the four thousand human beings legally killed in the U.S. daily?  All these issues are part of the cacophony that is drowned out by smooth talking special interests actors with deep pockets. Deep pockets to keep 'their guy/gal" in office and beating to their pied piping.

Our children, we ourselves, should not treat each other or be treated as commodities. We are not statistics and not even the Mind of Google can ever accurately quantify the value of a human life, thought it may say it can one day. Their should not be one child with autism, and our soldiers should not be let to get to the point where 22 of them end their life on a daily basis. Think of the impact on our families on a national level when you add up the vaccine-induced autism damage, the loss of broken hearted soldiers who kill themselves (their families suffer too), and the emotionally and physically scarred Mom's who think abortion will not harm their psyche.  This is wrong.

The devaluing of life has to stop if this country is to survive. It leads to indifference, apathy, and mental disorder. It leads to broken homes, and broken marriages. It leads to a 'throw away' culture.

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