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Better #ExecutiveFunction Skills w/ Less Fracking: This Land is Your Land, this Land is my Land

Is the current cost/ benefit ratio of fracking the earth's crust to extract energy in the form of natural gas a much greater cost than the benefits it gives?

Is it a benefit or an exorbitant cost to the immediate and long-range health of communities, and lands where such a practice occurs? 

Does injecting obscene amounts of chemicals, mixed with water into the earth's crust and its water tables harm the physical health of any child or adult? Can it lead to autism? Can it lead to other neurological disorders, based on exposure?

Why is it legal to frack when it is such a counter-productive, and unhealthy way to extract energy, given that we can get way cleaner and cheaper energy from such sources, like waste, algae, the sun, the water, and apparently, electromagnetism? 

I hear they are doing nifty energy things over in that CERN place in Europe.  With that kind of energy, why frack, why even use oil? 

It just doesn't make sense that the water supply of hundreds of communities has to be literally poisoned so that a big, rich and unethical energy company can make gajillions, while the people of these communities suffer the effects of chemically-tainted tap water. It is bad enough already that U.S. tap water has been well-documented to be replete with prescription medicines, fluoride (an industrial waste), and trace amounts of hundreds of other poisonous chemicals. 

The cost is way too high for such a practice to continue, and it should be banned as a way of extracting energy in order to sell it for a profit. 

For the companies that engage in such unethical practices, I must say that you should recognize that you are directly contributing to the rise of neurological disorders in our country. Disorders such as autism and ADHD. Neurologically stunted development. Mish-mashed brains that just don't work well. Sensory issues, social issues, damaged DNA material, premature cancers, stronger predisposition for disease, a lifetime of seizures and death, are all directly brought on by ingesting the tainted water in communities and lands where these geologically-raping actions happen. 

Do you want that on your heart and mind? Think about the daily mental hoops you have to begin to orchestrate as you try to avoid the knowledge that fracking is seriously harming the earth and every human being, as well as the land itself. No amount of money, material affluence, or intellectualism can escape the simple fact that fracking is a dangerously wrong way to make money, and it is the same as an act of war upon the people of the land.

Frankly speaking, can you stop fracking? Can you make your money a different way? Be creative, be entrepreneurial in your energy endeavors. Do it in such a way that you better the nation, and are a good co-steward of the land, alongside 'We the people..'

The U.S. Supreme Court justices, every single one of our congressional representatives, and the Executive Office should be better co-protectors and co-stewards of the land, and the short and long-term health of the American sovereign citizenry. Sometimes we can't wait on companies to do the right thing. Stopping fracking could literally be an overnight thing also. I hear the executive office has a phone and pen, the supreme court gang have their restrained debates and gavels(?), and congress... um.. congress.. has...or does... what it is told.... by special interests groups.... like energy companies involved in fracking. 

Given this unethical relationship between special interest groups and their 'yes men' congressional reps that they keep in power, 'We the people' need to respond by voting with our dollars. We need to respond by recalling our congressional reps and taking them out of office for allowing, condoning, staying silent, looking the other away, and / or accepting perks, benefits, and kickbacks for allowing this silent act of war upon families and individuals.

If we want to decimate autism and neurological disorder, we have to first do away with the kind of cultural thinking and actions that lead to the allowance of such practices. We need to realize that Batman, nor Superman, nor the Green Lantern, nor Captain America, nor a President can bring the kind of change we can believe in. No, in fact, for this culture that I am speaking of to surface, we have to each be a Captain America. We have to each educate ourselves and our families about our sovereignty, our constitutional rights, the articles of the founding fathers of this nation, and the realization that this land is OUR land. It is not the land, nor right of the government to appropriate itself over the land, parcel it out without the consent of the people, sell it off for pennies on the dollar, only to accept under the table kickbacks, and wheel and deal away to the short term interests of unethical companies.

What can you do? Again, vote with your dollars, educate yourself and your family about this silent act of war. Ensure you can get clean drinking and showering water in your home. Start a blog and tweet those posts out. Saturate the market place with the voice of reason, common sense, and help change the narrative on fracking being acceptable.


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