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Initial response from U.S Dept. of Ed to Coach Bill's Executive Function Common Core Addendum

Dear Readers,

Here is where we are at with getting the executive function skill addendum approved! We are moving forward! So far, we landed in the Office of Communications and Outreach for the U.S. Department of Education. Without layover we immediately moved on to another desk within the department! This means SOMETHING is happening. Some consideration is being made!

Below is a picture of me waiting for a response. Please bear in mind  that I am patiently waiting:)


Dear William Stowel-Alonso:


Thank you for your letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan which has been forwarded to the Office of Communication and Outreach for a response. We thank you for your comments regarding Common Core StandardsThank you for contacting the U.S Department of Education we wish well in all your future endeavors.





Vanessa McKinney

Information Resource Center

Office of Communications and Outreach

U.S Department of Education



(I crossed out her number to respect her privacy.)-Coach Bill


To the Office of Communications and Outreach,

Dear Sir, Madam,

I hope you and your family are well. I am writing to follow-up on the status of my executive function skill development addendum proposal. You can find a copy of it on my blog. Simply go to and then click on the 'blog' button.

I would also like to address any possible concerns that may have arisen. Though my past blog posts show that I am somewhat of staunch advocate for socially controversial issues, if given the opportunity to perform, or at least have my proposal move closer to the office of Mr. Secretary of State, Arne Duncan, I would be most humbled and eager to show that their is no hidden agenda here other than serving the best interest of the countries families. It would be tremendously exciting to undertake this challenging endeavor and I would be happy to address foreseeable roadblocks along the path of success, and how they can be easily overcome.

This is not to say that I would change my positions on matters that are important to me as a Father, Special Educator, and Executive Function Skills Coach. Yet, it does say that I respect and value the possible opportunity to help mold and shape important contours that are needed, if these Common Core Standards are going to fly. It would be an honor to serve my country and its families this way.

I know I have what it takes to see this executive function skill development addendum see fruition and play out across the public schools on a national level rather quickly also. Test me. Have me over for a face to face. 

To that end, I am looking to sit down and discuss with the honorable Secretary, or one of his aides to express how this could happen, and how I can get public approval for this quite easily. .. I can walk the line, and make the Department feel that they invested well with me.

All my best,

William Stowell-Alonso, MA

Coach Bill




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