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Using #Prayer As An #ExecutiveFunction Skill Parent Tool?

Jeremiah 29:7 The Word of The Lord

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

Regardless of religion, can a holy book be used as a standard by which to self-monitor one self? I believe so.
 Can a Father use it as a 'go to' guide that can guide the mind, as well as help the Father guide the mind of their children? I believe so also. 

Can prayer be the guide? What is to be said about the growing prevalence of studies showing that prayer heals people from disease? I believe so and science is showing so. See here: and here:

Praying brings about peace in the heart and mind in a very immediate way. This manifests an immediate metacognitive slide into an attitude of lovingkindness, gratitude, contentment, emotional rest, and peace, regardless of one's immediate circumstances. I believe that Father's can take time to read a short, stomachable portion from their holy book each day.


 Start small. Consider viewing your holy book as a standard by which to help guide your family. Make it a point to bringing the family into prayer to create the metacognitive mindset. Presciption to see effects in kids: 2-5x's/day and definitely always at meal time. Gauge progress after 30 days of this. Then keep going.  Here is a link on Daddy praying poems to lead the family daily:

Daddy's can be Lovingkindness facilitators aside from being the traditional physical providers for the family. The whole electromagnetic energy thing seems to be like icing on the cake when one realizes the power of practicing good values, like giving thanks in regular words before each meal in a God-focused way. Over the long term your kids will have an added measure of resilience, a strong sense of family, and have increased emotional control due to living a prayer-filled life. 

So have we found another executive function skill tool to put in the tool box that is better than gold (even at these prices)? 


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