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Raise your kids IQ 10-20%, Prevent #Cancer; Protect the #Executive Function Skills

Caveat* Iodine has been removed from almost all US consumption... Why? Who'd want to shortchange us and our families?

Apparently, taking an appropriate dosage of iodine a day raises you intelligence by 10-20%. Incidentally, iodine deficiency robs you of peak executive function skill performance and sets the stage for mental retardation in babies that are in womb.   NYTimes article on I.Q. & iodine

In a post-Fukushima continous daily nuclear meltdown world (;>), iodine becomes a protector of your thyroid, and your families thyroid, and can prevent a great range of cancers from manifesting. This is especially pertinent if you live on a Pacific Ocean-bordering country. Taking iodine, and even storing a bit of it is a good hedge against cancer and losing your intellectual capacity. Over time, this leads to dementia, and paves the way for Alzheimer's.

This has happened before on massive levels, and is currently happening today on a massive level. Check out these  two articles: Article 1, Article 2.

Also check out this NYTimes article on the Secrets to Salts.  

Hedging your health and your family's health is nothing to gamble about. Take some thought and consideration with this matter. Iodine even helps detox nasty toxins including, but not limited to flouride, an industrial waste by-product that is outlawed by a majority of the world's countries already, yet is still included in our toothpaste, water system, and foods prepared with tap water (all restaurants use tap water).

Here is the Salt Institute on iodized salt: Iodized Salt

In no way shape or form do profit from the below two links. These are simply two Coach Bill-approved sellers of iodine in its 'nascent' form that is more readily available  to be maximized by the human body.

Approved by Health Ranger as top of the line at this moment.

Made by Harvard University Professor in response to on-going Fukushima nuclear meltdown

I am for the loving and kind protection of our families and communities. 

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