Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Arrows of Truth: Bringing down the Autism-Creating System

A series of small measures can greatly change the landscape, given enough time.  Dump enough chemicals on peoples water, food and air, and you will cause health issues. Vaccinate a child 20x's before age 1 and you are causing autism, via small measures. The below is the sum of daily small measures which together greatly influence our american way of life. These small measures happen via vaccines, chemical air pollution from chemtrail planes, and from not reporting all the news thats fit to print.

 I am for the health, peace, and happiness of families, and individuals, hence I advocate as a concerned american.

Here are some truths which are part of daily small measures that are dictating our future:

Truth sais that autism is caused by vaccine-damage.

Truth sais that chemtrail, which is government-sanctioned airplanes dumping chemical agents on the american populace causes internal and external health maladies.

Truth sais that many of the same autism-causing ingredients found in vaccines, are found in the chemical clouds zigzagging our sky.

Truth sais that corn syrup is an addictive hormone regulation vehicle that wires brain for 'drug-addiction' mindset.

Truth sais that nano-sized plastic, aluminum, barium, strontium, silver iodide dropped from chemtrail planes are lodging in our lungs, our nervous system, and our brains.

Truth sais that recent outbreaks of skin conditions, like pitiryasis rosea, are due to reactions from chemicals dumped into the air 24/7.

Truth sais that dumping these chemicals will kill off humanity before any possible benefit happens to reduce what is hyped as 'global warming.'

Truth sais that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is releasing mind-blowing rates of radiation that are blanketing the earth.

Truth sais that profit and greed are the God's of the modern age running on the backs of humanity.

Truth sais that the dinosaur media won't report faithfully because they are bought and paid for by special interest.

Truth sais that the U.S. courts have ruled 84x's that vaccines cause autism.

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