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Beating Ignorance with Truth: #Vaccines #Chemtrails & #BabyFormula

As a 10 year Special Educator, and as an Executive Function Skills coach, my primary duty is to differentiate my instructional approach and facilitate tailored self-management tools, strategies, and systems that support the student across the short and long-term. Executive function skills are housed in the frontal lobe of the brain and are commonly referred to as the orchestra conductor of the mind (different from brain). Our ability to manipulate, orchestrate, and direct actions, reactions, feelings, behavior, time and the way we go about thinking about our thinking are these 30 or so known executive function skills.

I also happen to be a political scientist, although I have no work published in peer-reviewed journals of reputation. I look at the intertwining of micro and macro events on a local, national, and global scale, especially as it pertains to my focus on kids and young adults with ADHD, executive function skills deficits, or autism.  My political science lens compliments my skills as a Special Educator prompting me to look beyond actual tools/ strategies and hands-on interventions that coach core causes of these neurological health issues which plague America. As a Father, and an advocate of people with special needs I become emotionally-invested in the plight of families who have to contend and deal with having a child who may be seriously impaired.

The answer to what is causing neurological damage across the nation (and globe) has been answered a long time ago, though it has not been publicized by the dinosaur media. Neurological damage does not happen in a vacuum. Toxins in the human body are causing neurological damage....duh! Vehicles for toxic introduction involve vaccines, and government-sanctioned air planes that are dumping chemicals into the air at an incredible rate. Their is also a third very big toxic vehicle aside from your run-of-the-mill toxic spewers (cars, factories, industrial run-off, etc.).  The third one is baby formula powder. According to the Cornucopia Institute, all, and  I mean all, baby powder formula milk is laced with ingredients found in military chemical weapons.

Take some time to let that information digest.

All this information is verifiable on the internet and is in the public domain.

Moving on....

Governmental organizations, the powers that be, are NOT denying this information. The CDC openly lists the various nano-sized particle preservatives that are included in vaccines, including aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese, silver iodide, and mercury. The government is also not denying what you see when you look up to the sky. Anyone with half a brain can see the criss-crossing chemtrails that make up our sky these days, as well as the white haze that comes from the dispersed fake clouds.

Scientists across the globe have been, and continue to investigate air, water, and food contamination and have found incredibly alarming levels of these chemicals. These nano-particulates in vaccines and chemtrails are so small that they are inhaled by us, and lodge into our tissue, enter our blood stream, and wreak havoc on our DNA.

You won't hear about them on state-run media, like the big network news channels.

Furthermore, the release of nano-sized plastic by the government sanctioned planes means we are breathing, drinking, eating lots of plastic also. Plastic is a estrogen hormone mimic.

Who allows this to happen? Well, those in power allow it, and call for it. Just a short tour on youtube when looking into video footage on vaccines or chemtrails leaves no doubt as to the scope of what is happening.

What can a family or individual do to safeguard themselves? Well, nothing can be done with the chemtrails. Monsanto, the lovely company that does geoengineering of our food spent over one billion dollars to get into the chemtrail business.

These guys don't seem intent on stopping.

On the vaccines front, you can stop vaccinating yourself and your kids. I recommend drinking lots of water, taking multiple vitamins, sweating a lot to cleanse, and vegetable juicing. All of these help sweep toxicity out of the body and bolster your immune system.

I'd tell you to bother your congressional representative, but I don't think we will get any help their.

I empathically help and support those who have ADHD, autism, and executive function skill deficits and their families. That is why I write about the causes. It is my hope to be one of many who trigger a sense of urgency and emotion in all of us to the matter of safeguarding our children, our families, and the countries neurological health.

Do your own research aside from asking your doctor. Search for truth. It always beats ignorance in the long-run.

These are interesting times we are living in. What is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right. Misinformation is rampant, and special interest rule the day.

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