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#ExecutiveFunction Skills, #FinancialLiteracy & Physical Health in #America

As an advocate for the executive function skills health of American children & adults,  I am continously amazed by the wrong direction we are headed on two relevant fronts:

  • national public school educational policy to educate the present, and upcoming generations of our nation's children, 
  • and the effects of environmental toxicity on the development and long-term health of our brains.
In a macro perspective, with such bright minds in our country, it is a marvel that states do not immediately make moves to strengthen and protect the American brain trust, our children, in these key areas of:
  •  executive function skills development
  •  financial literacy
  •  physical health
That is to say, a person operates optimally when they have effective self-management systems that take into account all aspects of the person, is raised to in a scholastic culture that emphasizes financial self-reliance, and is able to live a life free of harmful brain/ body damaging poisons. This is in line with what was envisioned for America back in 1776. 

I believe that in a microsense, the failure of school's to teach such life skills as executive function skills development (self-management skills), and financial literacy lead to the creation of masses of people who are short-changed from a much more awesome trajectory that leads them to greater degrees of independence. The cumulative effect, generation after generation, of people who are financially ignorant, and in many ways lack basic critical thinking skills, is detrimental to the nation's economy, and ultimately, the cohesiveness of our nation's families.

One big proponent for teaching financial literacy early on in school is Robert Kyosaki, famed author of 'Rich Dad/ Poor Dad.' He really hammers this point home over and over again throughout his many public appearances of which you find on YouTube. Teaching kids to learn how to be financially independent is a good thing because it teaches kids how to be self-reliant early-on. The fact that we are talking about money makes the whole subject engaging and interesting for any young child. 

That is not what our schools are manifesting, though.  No, we are churning people to be employees and dangle a benefits package to them that means nothing in an economy like the one we have today. Making the standard of excellence in a school be grade performance emphasizes the opposite of what is being dubbed "the growth mindset," whereby we praise the process, not the end result."  Kids are just not challenged effectively, nor efficiently, and this eventually turns their motivation off. Many a times, kids come home and say they have no homework, and nothing to study. I can't tell you how many kids just zone out on Minecraft, and violent video games because they are simply underchallenged. Teaching to get high test scores gets kids to do just enough to get back by, thus promoting mediocrity. This instructional approach is like a gaping hole in our economy, and is a disservice to our nation.

It is not that we should all go become entrepreneurs, and business-folk, but having financial literacy should be a cornerstone 'birthright' in the American public school system. This would help bring about a shocking reversal of the welfare/ entitlement system we have in place which breeds dependency, and apparently long-ter poverty.  Common sense shows that making financial literacy part of the curriculum in schools would strengthen the backbone of America, small-business, as well as empower droves of people to get out of debt, and begin creating wealth.

But financial literacy won't help you much if 1 in 50 kids is diagnosed with severe neurological disorder (autism). Financial literacy gets watered down if we don't take care of the actual physical and emotional state of ourselves, and our children. Who cares about financial literacy when you are  taking your child with autism to doctors, interventionists, treatments, and the whole litany of obstacles parents with kids with autism face on a daily basis? Who cares about praising a kids foresight (ability to anticipate and predict) when your grown child will need care their whole life. Many of these parents would be happy just to see their child ride a bike, or give them a prolonged hug with an 'i love you.'

Yet, environmental toxicity is like a 800 pound gorilla in the room that literally is making it harder and harder to think. It is no wonder that we have such a dramatic rise in "autism,"  and Alzhimer's, given the vaccine schedule in place, which repetitively pumps people with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, radioactive barium & strontium, as well as aborted human cells, monkey-brain cells (Why?), and a whole library of  nasty cancer-causing critters called 'adyuvants.' 

 I label environmental toxicity as all such toxic substances that enter the body, be it by air, food, ear (toxic language in media) eye (visual toxic information) or injection. As wonderful as these tools and substances may be, they are harming us, our way of life, and our very families. The CDC, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association are all on record (famous Simpsonwood/ Georgia conference) acknowledging the vaccine-severe neurological brain damage connection. The US courts have also ruled over 80x's that vaccines cause severe neurological damage. You just won't hear about on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC,CNN, FOXNEWS. Pharmaceutical companies pay millions of dollars year after year to broadcast medication commercials for their latest drug to hit market. In most cases, these companies are the vaccine makers. Worse! More than 55% of all of the world's vaccines are made in China in closed-off factories that do not allow any kind of inspection in their vaccine-facilities! Think they purify the water used? Think they care about how they formulate those vaccines? 

 Sadly, vaccines really 'damage' a tremendous amount of children who go on to being adults who need help the rest of their lives.  Others are not so brain-damaged and go on to have varied degrees of attentional disorders. That is why it is important to blog,  tweet and get the word out on chemtrails in the sky.  Common sense sais that pumping aluminum, plastic and nanoparticles that get stuck in your lungs and skin is simply not ok. It is illegal for these airplanes to be dumping these toxic substnaces on us.   

Weather it be pesticides/ herbicides in your fruits and vegetables, flouride in your tap water and toothpaste, corn syrup in your beer and kids cereals, or strange ingredients with names hard to pronounce found in almost all packaged food, their is a toxic onslaught occurring. Parents have to act as gatekeepers to protect their children, and their sanity, by monitoring what goes into the body physically. Is it wrong to to place toxic cancer-causing food additives, which deregulate hormonal balance in foods marketed to kids?  Is it wrong to continue telling the American public to be vaccinated when the courts, as well as overwhelming scientific evidence shows that vaccines are harmful, and not beneficial at all?  Is it wrong to gas the American public with chemicals dropped from the sky? Is it wrong to speak about these things? 

In conclusion, solutions abound on how to begin strengthening this country from the inside out, but do we have a political system that cares?  I believe that our government is made up of a great number of good, hard-working people, but most policy-makers get to office via special interest money that buys their political chairs, rendering them ineffective. Hence, parents have to step up to the plate and do what they can to close the gap, rather than rely on government on empowering their kids physically, emotionally, and financially with the right tools, strategies, and mindsets.  I challenge parents to educate their kids on such issues on a weekly basis. Your country depends on it.

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