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Almost all Vaccines made in China w/ No Supervision

Coach Bill's word play on above picture of a Foxcon vaccine worker in China.

"Yes, I make vaccines for the US. I get paid crap, I hate my job. I come to work sick because I will get fired if I don't. Don't get all uppity on clean vaccines. I can't even put enough food in the fridge. Wait! I don't have a fridge."

The Center for Disease Control posts on its website that vaccines have formaldehyde, mercury (thimerasol), barium, strontium, cancer adyuvants, aluminum metal. In addition, sometimes vaccine makers include dead cellullar material from other dead aborted humans.

This is publicly available information that is easily found by multiple credible sources, such as Dr. Russell Blaylock, Gary Null, Dr. Joseph Mercola, as well as United States court records whereby courts have ruled almost 100 times over and over again that vaccines have lead to autism.

China makes almost all vaccines in the world. Vaccine Inspectors are never allowed to enter vaccine manaufacturing grounds in China to inspect for contaminants in vaccines. They take the word of the vaccine maker who walks out to the Inspectors and 'tells' them everything is fine. They do this once every thirteen years.

These vaccines are then shipped to the United States of America and into our beautiful babies, all the way through adulthood.

Why is this not a major news headline?

More information:

Pestavirus found in 56% of vaccines of 6 major vaccine manufactures. This is a cow virus that can induce spontaneous abortion in humans, is one example of a known side effect. High percentage of viral fragments in vaccines are very common. Pieces of DNA from viruses. Scientists have found that this leads to dementia and alzhymers's.

Vaccines contain a number of bacterial, mycoplasmal and viral contaminants. Don't underestimate how destructive that is to a baby who is still forming in the womb, and then through the gauntlet of vaccines they are given throughout their lifetime. Usually, they get 10-17 by the time they are one year old!

Over our skies, no one can deny to themselves that our skies are blue in the morning (usually) and then by mid afternoon a criss-crossing haze of chemtrails is overhead. Many independent scientists are doing lab testing on water, air, and food samples and have found a wide array of nano-particulates that include aluminum, barium, strontium, silver iodide, plastic, and strange inorganic material that seems to grow like a bacteria on a host. Their is extensive research being conducted on these areas by reputable professionals, which are not getting any air time on small or major TV networks, in order to bring it to the forefront of the publics attention.

The fast and quick answer:

This is probably a method of dumbing down the population and controlling the population numbers, nay depleting them. Watch how the 'autism' rates will skyrocket at a pace that dwarfs the current autism explosion of the last 30 years. Parents can find forms on their states website which they can fill out and hand over to the nurses office that legally exempt the child from taking vaccines in order to be allowed public school entrance.

Vaccines increase the risk of other infections or even the disease for which the vaccine was given.

Seizures are associated with a number of vaccines.

SIDS Death follow DTP vaccine by 3 weeks in 70% of cases of SID

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