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No Mind Left Behind: Protecting our Kids in Age of Toxicity

"During every minute of the nine months of pregnancy, the brain gains a quarter of a million cells. The brain is hardwired to produce a staggering total of around 100 billion neurons and a trillion glial cells, which provide all the necessary support and protection. This will lead to a multi trillion network of connections capable of performing 20 million billion calculations per second."

- Adam Cox No Mind Left Behind:Understanding and Fostering Executive Function Control

Truly, truly, it is a marveous thing to behold. The built-in complexity of the brain and mind follows an intelligently-designed blueprint that will always exceed that of even the smartest, most versatile computer. This would not be  due to intellectual smarts, or experiental knowledge, but for the human beings ability to shift into genuine, heart felt expression, love, such as a Mother or Father has for their child. Self-less, altruistic love that seeks no payback, with no hidden motive.  Some may argue that self-less love is basically a series of chemical, and electro magnetic exchanges in the brain only, and nothing more.

Wherever the truth may actually reside, what is most pressing to me is that on a national level our brains, and bodies are being subjected to unconstitutional toxic spraying of chemicals, and cancer causing substances that are being released over American skies. Released into the air is aluminum, barium, strontium, and other special nano-particulates and fibrous substances. These chemicals and substances due cause neurological damage to humans, and every living creature, and plant. By no stretch of the imagination,  I can fathom that dumping these cancer-causing, Autism-proliferating particles fall into our water supply, the food that is grown, and into the very lungs we breathe with.

Moreover, it has been proven and admitted 84 times by U.S. courts that vaccines cause autism, or severe neurological damage, as well as a continuum of milder brain damage. Incidentally, the Center for Disease Control has always listed openly on their website that vaccines still carry mercury, aluminum, barium, strontium,formaldehyde, and a bevy of other nasty carcinogens.

Both sperm and egg  in pre-conception parents are created in bodies that constantly receive this toxic onslaught. After conception, Mothers are encouraged to vaccinate for a growing list of vaccines. These affect the baby in-utero. After being born, literally within one hour, the baby is basically forcefully taking and injected with these cancer, neurological damaging carcinogens.

We are literally breeding and ramping up autism-like outcomes.

Are you ok with aluminum and radioactive particles causing wide-spread havoc in your baby's developing brain?

Were are our rights? Is this the America we want?

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