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The American Carnival: Our Profit Culture's Tax on our Health

Sadly, just as if it were straight out of a Tim Burton movie, our American profit-driven culture is myopic on the balance of money profits and the very health of its citizenry.  Their are various examples that can be easily used to illustrate this point quite clearly:

1. Big Pharma answers to Wall Street which determines each companies stock price, to a great extent. New drugs need to be constantly pumped into the market in order to not have a dead stock, or a stock that is not rising.  Thus, an american landscape chock full of people with health issues is a bonanza to Big Pharma. Creating drugs that treat the symptoms rather than the cause is a great way to keep selling the same thing..over and over again!

2. Autism: Vaccines are a money-making industry. That is a fact. Billions of dollars are raked in by big pharmaceutical companies, who are constantly creating new vaccines, or new 'metal to your brain' vehicles under the banner that they are saving the world from horrible illnesses. Likewise, healthcare costs for families of kids with vaccine-damage are exorbitant. Big Pharma profits at every corner from the autism pandemic that is literally destroying us. You won't really hear much about this by the American state-run media companies like, NBC, ABC,CBS, FOX. How can they admit that aluminum and mercury in an infants brain causes neurological impairment when their commericals are pumping Big Pharma products? Big Pharma pays these so-called 'news' organizations to run their ads on a continuing basis. These networks are given life by the millions of dollars Big Pharma pays out. Conflict of interest?

Even if we were all to agree that vaccines carry more good than bad, it is a fact that they have mercury, aluminum, barium, formaldehyde, and other awesome metals (that cut, and wreck havoc in your brain). Their is no way around the fact that millions of parents have seen how their kid went from being normal, to not speaking, not responding, etc.

Their should be more outrage, but we are being soothed to deep sleep.

3. Corn Syrup causes hormonal imbalances, and rewires the brain towards being more prone to an addictive personality. Everyone has a choice before they drink. Right? But Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and every single soft drink out there is filled with it. In fact, corn syrup is basically in just about all sweet processed foods/ drinks.  It is an ingredient that gets you hooked, and tricks your brain by promoting the desire for it more routinely. This creates a repeat customer. Corn syrup is a billion dollar industry.

Ou profit-driven culture has the 1% of the 1% of the worlds population running the show with most of all profits going to them. The system is rigged to their favor. In fact, if things don't go their way, they just create new money through the central banking club called the Federal Reserve.  Money is not evil, but the lust for it is.  These fat cats, and their cronies live opulent lifestyles while the rest of  Americans live in poverty, or 30 days away from poverty. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck, have no savings, are loaded with debt, and from the looks of it, no social security when we retire. So, the drive for profits is blind to our greatest treasure, the safekeeping of the minds, brains of present, and future generations. 

This is not a blue or red party issue. This is a humanity issue.

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