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Autism Awareness: 625% rise in Autism by 2030 thanks to #vaccines

Autism is set to rise at least 625% by the year 2030. That is an astonishing piece of information. At that rate, who can be spared?

Moreover, future generations who are not diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, well most certainly be diagnosed with other neurological disorders, including well-known ones, such as AD/HD.
Is this ok with us as a nation? Are we okedoke, artichoke with this scenario? Must we watch like a 'dear in the headlights' as the number of neurological disorder rates climb through the roof, out to space, and around the sun? Who will be left to manage affairs?

What are the major problems are that leading to neurological disorder?

  • It is what we are consuming in our bodies:
    • Plastics
    • Harmful ingredients in vaccines, as well as overvaccination
      • aluminum
      • formaldehyde
      • mercury
    • Food
      • filled with pesticides/ herbicides
      • genetically-modified
      • chemtrails release aluminum, barium, lead, calcium, magnesium in the air from government planes that are doing weather modification across the world.
    • Water
      • our drinking supply is filled with prescription medications
      • drinking supply filled with varying degrees of industrial waste
        • fracking chemicals seep into water supply always through the rock.
        • chemical-production factories
        • oil/ chemical spills
        • chemtrails release aluminum, barium, lead, calcium, magnesium in the air from government planes that are doing weather modification across the world.
    • Our home products
      • Made with a petroleum-base, 99.9% of products for skin have mineral oils, and parabens which create problems for the body's immune system.
    • Air
      • Engine  exhaust from automobiles, planes, etc.
      • chemtrails release nano-size particles of aluminum, barium, lead, calcium, silver iodide, plastic, magnesium, etc. in the air from government-contracted planes that are incredibly harmful to life on earth, and get into our lungs.
      • fragrances, sprays, 'new car smell,' paints with harmful toxins that disrupt brain function and rewire brain thinking patterns.

What we can do about it?

 The autism movement is divided, with each organization going off into a different direction. Everyone is spinning wheels, and wasting money, as well as time. Autism awareness is nothing without effective action. Parents can elect to not vaccinate their children. Politicians and mainstream journalism needs to be held accountable for sanctioning medical procedures that kill, maim, and severely damage a gorwing and significant number of the population. This is going to affect our economy more and more.

1 in 50 now is the Autism rate for boys. It is not 1 in 67, or 1 in 150 as is being claimed by mainstream science, media and our government officials.

  What will that ratio be in 2030? Should Big Pharma continue making money at the expense of crippling the nation's collective brain?

  • Though it seems that little can be done to bring about change. If  an overwhelming majority of Americans could unite their sustained voices and money voting power  to make clear what direction we want to move the country in, then change can come rapidly. Think about it. How many emails, phone calls, letters, visits, and media coverage are needed to create a sense of dire urgency? A lot, but not much if everyone contacts their elected state and federal representatives, as well as the Department of Health. Tsunami-style activism, anyone?  We would have to be stronger than the lobbying groups for plastic, and all other lobbying groups that represent this old way of life whereby we have been accelerating Autism/ neurological disorder rates.
What this is analogous to:
  • The frog in the pot of water that is slowly cooking. America's minds are the frogs, the pot of warming/ boiling water is time, and the environmental toxicity we are swimming in.

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