Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Activities for Father's to do With their Children

Dear Fathers,

More than ever, it is apparent that our function in society is much needed. Although Mom's are indespensible, Father's are important too. Many are doing their job, but it is easy to slack, or hide behind work. There needs to be a balance between our provider role, and our affectionate Daddy role.

Dad's are pivotal in many ways. They provide the context by which daughters shape up prospective husbands, and for good or bad, how to deal with a variety of situations. Our imprint, is there at all times, be it from our pro-active involvement, or our lack thereof. If you feel that your not doing as much as you should, and we all feel that, then get your ass in gear. Dad's job is not just to bring home the bacon, but to hit the ground running when he comes home from work. Or before work if you go to work later in the day, and to be fully invested in your children's lives...even if you are a single parent.

Some activities you can do with your kids:

  • fishing
  • strolling and talking
  • daily storytelling
  • doing a puzzle
  • playing chess, or boardgame
  • sailing
  • kayaking
  • ice skating
  • skiing (it doesn't have to be at Vail)
  • surfing
  • nature walk
  • walk through town window shopping
  • going for ice cream together
  • painting like Jackson Pollock
  • swimming
  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • indoor rock climbing
  • taking a meditation course
  • prayer time
  • meditating together
  • reading books out loud
  • biking
  • playing basketball
  • playing tennis
  • role-playing relevant situations
  • planning a family trip, and going on one
  • making dinner for the family
  • Go-Karting in a closed track
  • rough-housing (smart horseplay)
  • talking about, or reading the Word of God (or your holy book) to them in an appropriate manner

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