Friday, February 1, 2013

The Cause of Autism: Unleashed!

Without fan fare the officially stated causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder show no smoking gun, but a general breakdown caused by a congruence of environmental factors over many generations.  Undeniably, DNA  breakdown occurs when we take in harmful toxins into our body. Scientific evidence that has been growing for the last fifty years shows that humans in America are straining the body's capacity to function properly, and so dysfunction.

The 20th century was unprecedented in regards to environmental toxicity. The 21st looks primed to outdo it. Incidentally, the rise of neurological disorders from learning disabilities to Autism is on the rise. Out of every 66 Americans born one will be identified as on the Autism Spectrum. That number was 1 in 150 just a decade ago. So, things are not getting better. The train is going the wrong way, and we and our future generations are on board for a while to come, God willing. This is an epidemic.

 We are eating high levels of pesticides, plastic, car exhaust, metals, chemicals, and the list goes on. In a horrible twist, these toxins link up to create a toxic cocktail that is individualized and most of it is not getting metabolized. Some of this stuff is just lodged in our body. It does not go away. Neurological disorders and dysfunction will continue to be the norm across successive generations of people (DNA). It is what  happens if you break something really nice, but then put it together, break it, put it together, break it, etc.

Proactive steps to take for a family:

      1. Lower intake of plastic. Apparently, the stuff leaches off saran wrap, and anything plastic. Check out a toddlers sippy cup. After a while, they have gnawed away at it, and the plastic is very faded, and coming undone. 
      2. Move away from pots and pans that are not 100% iron. Evidence shows that teflon, and any kind of 'coated' pan/ pot, release chemical components, such as flouride, at high temperatures.  If you want to fry an egg on an iron pan, you should never raise the temperature past medium, otherwise it will stick.
      3. Stop ingesting flouride. It is an industrial by product that is not good for our health. It does the opposite of what it is supposed to do.
      4. At some point, get a bed that is not coated with flame retardant. You and your family are drinking that soup up every night. 
      5. There should be a concerted effort to eat fruits and vegetables that are grown with no toxins. Just because it is shiny it doesn't mean it's a healthy tomato for you.
      6. Clean water is essential. Spring water is still the best option. Under the counter water filters are essential. 
      7. Sweating through exercise and sweating by using an Near (not Far) Infrared Sauna (NIR).
      8. You do not have to take a flu shot every single year. Vaccines may be helpful, but they do carry a lot of toxins like aluminum, and formaldehyde. Take it easy with  the desire to have that stuff floating around your head doing neurological damage. 
      9. Girls should not take the HPV vaccine. 
      10. Multiple vitamins and minerals are essential, as are omega vitamins for the brain. Purity and potency count.
      11. Activities that require a great deal of executive functions skills, along side hemispheric balancing activities keep you sharp and focused.
      12. Don't sleep next to your cell phone. Get some kind of radiation blocker for your phone ( Put on speaker whenever possible, so that you don't have it next to your head. It will be exposing you to radiation along with a host of other devices across your life, so pace yourself. 
      13. Have Quiet Time through prayer, or informal meditaion. Basic, quiet meditation rapidly increases executive function skills (like behavior modulation), as well as sensory skills.

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