Friday, February 8, 2013

Neurological Disorders: Will It Be The Norm?

What causes autism? What causes learning disabilities? What causes neurological disorder? Well, what happens when genetic information is barraged with an on-slaught of toxicity decade after decade? What about the offspring of that DNA? Glitches happen. Neurological glitches. DNA breaks down. 

Charles Dickens's opening salvo in his, 'A Tale of Two Cities,' begins with his assertion that these were the best of times, and they were also the worst of times. Never before have people been able to communicate, exchange ideas, travel, or with the ease that exists today. Technological breakthroughs have led to advances in science, and medicine. Innovation has led to growth of business, and industry. Health care is more widely received than ever before....

and yet.... all is not well....

The ocean's are toxified and becoming fish-free, our rivers and water systems are polluted with our run-off from nuclear industry, our gmo and unethical farming practices are choking the nutrition out of the food supple and replacing it with pesticides harmful to human beings and their development. Moreover, the fish are rapidly going nuclear, the cows have had it with hormone shots,and anti-depressants,  and the flouride in our water subjegates our independent, critical thinking skills.

The greatest threat to humanity ever faced has been the toxic on-slaught being experienced in our time. 

Where do you and/ or your family stand on these issues and others? Do you go along with a system that is ultimately hurting humanity, and that is asking for you to not get worked up about things like the rise of autism and its well-verified connection to getting vaccinated?

Should we all just keep minding our business? 

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