Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nurturing Effect: How I blew the hinges off the door!

Early on in my career I was clear that the effective Teacher is not the one with the greatest knowledge-base, but he or she who not only teaches content, but teaches the kids how to refine their emotional intelligence. I am a great believer in the psychoeducational approach to teaching. Namely, the power of a caring, nurturing relationship.

Although certain key processes need to be in place for an effective feedback loop to occur, I have experienced countless successful learning outcomes due to this pivotal part to my own pedagogy. There is something about relating, connecting, and bringing emotion that more times than not, is the very oil I use to keep the students I work with progressing.

The caring, nurturing concept to Teaching was recently polished off by National Educator Nel Noddings over the last decade. No one reinvented the wheel here, but Mrs. Noddings put some important spokes front and center. They are integrated into the live vision of Life Skills Corp.

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