Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Executive Functions Skills Development

  •  Is your child a bit rigid about certain academic responsibilities? Being that the older we get the more 'set in our ways' we become, doing early executive function skills intervention is an action which your child will thank you for down the line.

  • If a student were given the opportunity to avoid  years of frustration, anxiety, and tension simply by integrating a set of customized systems and principles would he/ she  appreciate it
    later on?

  • How would an early executive functions skills intervention by Mom and Dad benefit the family dynamic for years to come? Can it help them manage their time, emotions, plan, and think before they act and respond?

  • How can an Executive Functions Skills Coach help my child? When can I see results? How do I know I have a high-quality Coach?

If you are facing these questions and would like to schedule a consultation, contact me and send me an email.Home/ community visits & video chat.

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