Monday, November 5, 2012

Dealing with an angry child

If for whatever reason you are the parent, or the Teacher of a child who is angry, gets angry, or easily becomes angry, be on the lookout and take preemptive action. If you don't, this can turn into a constantly erupting volcanic situation!

Here is the mindset: Imagine a humongous magma chamber inside a volcano. Now imagine that this chamber has no outlets, no lava tubes, no oozing lava out into the ocean. In fact, due to having no outlets, there is a good amount of constant pressure. At any moment something might happen causing the volcano to belch and rumble.

Regardless of the trauma, stress, or burden, we can act as facilitators that can foster self-control & self-regulation skills. Rather than enable a 'learned helplessness' outcome, we can help kindle an independent-thinking, problem solver mental model by role-modeling the use of various pertinent tools. Below is one of my favorite.

Acupressure is an effective tool that is free, easy to learn, and gives almost immediate results. For more information, go to Life Skills Corp. favored site on acupressure listed below. Check out the video and free tutorial.

I highly recommend this as a tool for exceptional learners, their parents, caregivers, and Educators.

Here is the website:


Bill Stowell-Alonso, MA

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