Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Commitment and passion: What this country is made of!

As an avid sailor, I know well that my skills are not sharpened while docked at the harbor, but out there where the waves are rolling, and the wind is howling. I remember a beloved uncle of mine who has sailed in all sorts of weather, both short and very long distances. I know that he is excellent at what he does, not only due to his hands-on experience at the helm, but because of his mindset. I can see it in his eyes.

Expect failure, and welcome it. That is when the moment demands more of us. It is when things go wrong that our executive functions skills, or our ability to self-manage efficiently and effectively is honed. Your commitment is the pivotal ingredient which has to be the crux of your mindset. Your commitment to stay the course with your attitude, your commitment to pull yourself up by your 'boot straps,' and push yourself to daily success will reap fruit in due season. Ask yourself: how fast can I move? What slows me down internally? How do I foresee trouble? None of this matters, unless you have clear, recorded goals... and your goals will never be achieved, unless you have a clear, "why?."

The driving force for anyone who wants to be their own boss needs to come from the answer(s) to their "why." My "why's"  are the passion I need to go out there and manifest. Without it, I am like a whimsical sailor soon to be driven wherever the wind and waves take me. My "why" fuels my passionate effort day in and day out. This passion brings on genuineness, and sincerity which others sense intuitively. 

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