Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goal Achievement when you are starting in the Mud- 1 minute read

Coping when the facts say you have a deficit somewhere. . . . Does your child not have the best goal-directed persistence in the world? Does your child have an issue with sticking to the task at hand? How does this show up in long term goals? Feel like your not seeing that "stick-to-it-iveness?' Do not fret. For this child can learn to ask for help, work with others, and develop social skills necessary to get things accomplished. There is usually a silver-lining in all grey clouds. We just have to train our minds to look for it.

It may be hard to find. Take the lotus flower for example. It comes straight out of the wet, swampy mud in its natural environment. When you look at its immediate nearby surroundings, it is not hard to marvel at how something so pleasant is born into what appears bleak, and forsaken-looking circumstances, yet the lotus thrives in the swampy land. The bottom line, forecasts and assumptions can be incorrect, no time to fret, or wallow in the mire. A positive, yet grounded outlook is needed for goal-achievement.

By the use of simple metrics that are easy and practical for parents to follow success can be an everyday occurrence. This puts the focus on ensuring that the process that churns out strong grade performance (if that is the focus) is valued more than whatever the end result may be. This sends a strong signal that magnetizes towards being supportive of the child as they practice and routinize the executive function skill tools and strategies. 

An effective process that is efficient and easy to follow for your child, teenager, or college student child is what is needed. The challenge was how to deliver that, and now the answer has coalesced.

Using my instructional approach, I have observed myself to be successful in facilitating mental flexibility increases in children and young adults using common sensical methods that are easy to learn.

Please check for some of the routine "sheets" that I post...or tweet on twitter @coachbill007.

You can find such tools like:

an executive function skills vocabulary word bank (that's priceless btw)

a template of the parameters that need to be integrated into a souped-up executive function 'TO DO LIST' sheet

A Study Skills Tools Sheet that lists different ways to study. I urge those I coach to impress me with adding new study skill tools to it.

A sheet on self-regulatory daily/ weekly routines to help sustain motivation. It is called Get Going to Get Going, or something like that.  

I will make sure all these are tweeted regularly.

Video chat available with Coach Bill. Affordable price.

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