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The Family Unit Under Attack-The importance of Dad

In today's society, it is my opinion that the cohesiveness, the unity of the traditional family is being threatened by outside competing interests. The family time together loses out routinely to members watching tv, socializing on the computer, talking on the phone, playing video games, overwork, partying, etc. Father figures who make great efforts to be present more often are needed. Boundaries and parameters need to be drawn by which children are shown right ways of living from wrong ways of living.

It is always good to monitor the state of your connection to the family, if your a Father. Aside from being the traditional bread winner, how do you contribute to the family cohesiveness?

Caring Fathers who work with mothers as a team are actively role modeling the very duties the children will hopefully one day do. Likewise, Fathers who make extra efforts to work issues and problems out in a way that is loving, caring, and not demeaning teach their kids the value of not winning arguments, but winning people.

Does Dad help create a warm, caring, comfortable environment for the family? Fatherly efforts made on this behalf model to the children the value Dad places on thinking of others. A son, will take his cues from the way the Father treats the Mother, in public and in private, as well as how the Father treats others. A daughter will one day look for similar traits in a potential husband. Dad's job is vital to the paraverbal skills development (how you say what you say), and the overall sense of self that each child develops.

Spend more down time with your kids in a consistent manner. Go to the park and be the monster who has to eat them. If they are older. Go for a walk with them, a swim, play tennis, take them out to eat just with Dad. Have reflection time with the kids while doing something else. After a few weeks, you will notice a positive difference in your family life.

If you are a Father, check out the following websites.

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