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City On A Hill / #teachers #parents #community #USA

How we educate ourselves and each new generation has a direct effect on our valuing of human life and also how we make decisions in our daily life that impact self and community. It becomes imperative to the health of any community to shape hearts and minds to be free to form their own opinions and outlooks, and to give them the necessary tools and wherewithal to resist those who seek to take advantage of them as they come to greater awareness. It is imperative for the health of a people and for the strength of the family, that the eyes of our hearts be about how to be unique and original community innovators. Time is of the essence then to teach in the matters of critical thinking, of political science, and of financial literacy, of emotional intelligence, and of essay writing, of social entrepreneurship and of volunteering. To value the teaching of playing music and creating art, to integrate a physical education in our grade schools that breaks from only the doing of sports, and i…

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