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The Politics of Telling You How & What To Think

American paratroopers at rest in Adolf Hitler’s Eagles Nest after seizing it in 1945.
“Controlling a population starts by degrading a people’s sense of their self-worth… ..distracting them on what matters, and silencing the hearts that rise up in love to awaken the people.” from my 2018 YouTube video at CoachBill007 : ‘Movement of The Heart’ Did Adolf Hitler lose? Surely he brought Germany to physical and financial ruin, but his doctrine of perfecting humanity through violent purging of people's lives continues on. As we near the end-of-year holiday season, the ‘spirit’ of ‘joy,’ ‘thanksgiving,’ and ‘peace,’ is an oft invoked feeling and thought meant to spread light-heartedness. Bringing into focus the daily human atrocities that do occur is then, during this time, viewed as a politically-incorrect action, and the initiators of such inconvenient truths subject to being targeted, smeared, and displayed as unsavory people. To the measure that such hearts and minds are organized and…

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