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The Propaganda in Our Hearts & Minds / #positivedisruption #criticalthinkers #democracy


Not only does human slaughter of the fruit of a woman’s womb promote the idea that we are disposable, but a people’s will to stand up to such a standard order of daily business is stifled through its information modes  of content production.
  1. What does the latter mean? and how important is a critically thinking, open-minded individual who is God-centered to a local, national, and global community?
  2. Why would such characteristics in an individual be considered outright dangerous by a prevailing political order?
This type of individual can be found anywhere in the world, irrespective of ethnicity, race, or language, but not regardless of submission to the the true Lord of Lords, God Almighty. It requires altruism, time, and an investment of spiritual energy in a concerted way. We must become as if we were political scientist, listening, observing, watching and seeking to understand how culture is created, how governments interact with one another, with the citizenry, how people practice democracy (and how they don’t). Critical thinkers make time to think and study how local social order motivates national and global order, and how these macro movements, in turn influence the local, individual life.
 As it be, the average individual in the United States of America is not raised to be a critical thinker and active participant of maintaining democracy fresh and vibrant, but is raised up to be trained in the main academic subject matters of grade school, and prompted to seek specific employment, if not stepping forward to attain a liberal arts educational understanding of the world. For those who go on to graduate school, professional development is furthered with specific knowledge in a field of study. At no point is the valuing of critical thinking developed directly, and so the following happens through default:
People become work-focused, information receivers who are not active participants in democracy, but followers of a hierarchical system of governance that places informational content-creators from established organizations and corporations that espouse a leftist-leaning political ideology. The problem with this is that it does not create leaders, but followers. The glut of information directed at the average individual far exceeds the information they create using the same modes of production, meaning, social media platforms, television, radio, and academic information distribution channels are mostly a one-way street. At this point in time, the desensitizing of people’s minds and hearts is so pervasive that national complacency on actively participating in the daily shaping of democracy is an established social order construct difficult to break free from.
Our military soldiers, our veterans, our police men and women who serve day and night, these are not the first line of defense, nor the most important upholders of democracy, but it is the regular civilian (you and me), that determines the pace and kind of democracy we are to have. Regular Americans are the first line of defense, and all the day long we are trained and cajoled to abdicate our power in acquiescence to the hierarchical social-economic-political present reality.
It has become then, that our democracy is a mirage, and up for sale every day that we shirk our responsibility to practice critical thinking, and determined advocacy on the values that the United States of America was founded upon. We have become a people under control through distraction and division. Our human rights are set aside as we stand before the daily human sacrifice of 2,500 children cut up, vacuumed, burned and violently extracted from the womb of our women. In such ways we have cheapened ourselves, and in such manner the Lord will one day enter in all his magnificence and glory and ask us what we have done.

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Four Main Community Priorities in the Realm of Special Needs / #empathiccapitalism #business #specianeeds ScalziOriginals.US

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  • Housing for Adults with Special Needs
  • High-quality at-home/ community 1:1 and Special Educational services for individuals
  • Mentoring services for at-risk youth
  •  Executive function-based Youth Sports programs for youth and adults with special needs operated by qualified special educational professionals
Special Needs Housing
As of fifty years ago, across the United States of America, including Connecticut and New York, of which the focus is herein, housing for adults with severe special needs was in the form of asylum centers. Since then, awareness in human rights and the rise of special educational services has led to a movement towards state-funded housing and privately-run organizations offering adult-special needs housing. Even so, the waiting list for such housing is constant, and the quality of the housing itself is mid to low-quality in its recreational and residential amenities.
It can be aptly put forth that this is a segment of the population that is underserved, leaving great strain on families who have aging offspring with intellectual disabilities, Downs Syndrome and individuals on the autism spectrum who are intellectually low-functioning. With Connecticut’s economic budget in a historic long-term down-grade, there is no future growth of drastic refurbishing of such residential living for such individuals. Moreover, high-quality specialized educational services cannot be attained for those living in state-run homes, leaving a staff of paraprofessionals, and unqualified, underpaid caretakers to lead in the day to day life of these members of this community.
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1:1 Special Educational Services for Individuals
Families across all economic strata with offspring with special needs find that the range of services available and the quality of these differs according to affordability. It is so, that dynamic, innovative, at-home/ community Special Educators are needed to instruct in cognitive-physical development, while also providing support and respite to families. These services incur a great cost which is simply not attainable for most families with children and adults with special needs. 
The knowledge and application of the best instructional methods and strategies in the realm of special education resides with Special Educators. These are trained to teach the whole person. Though this be so, health insurance companies do not favor degreed Special Educator professionals, but Applied Behavioral Analysis specialists (ABA therapy), creating an immediate insurance  in-network reimbursement for such therapists, but not so for degreed-Special Educators. ABA is a therapy fashioned in the 1960s that was culled from training dogs. It focuses on limiting environmental distractions while using positive behavioral reinforcement tactics to achieve a desired result in the individual. Special Educators are cognizant of such canine training, yet are natural clinical teachers who approach their work as students themselves, applying a holistic-style instruction that is flexible, open to change and fluid in its delivery.
Funding for such services has been difficult due to health insurance companies prioritizing the aforementioned ABA therapy pathway of home instruction. An important obstacle to mention that directly limits families from hiring the best, qualified professionals is beholden to the controversy surrounding the dramatic rise of autism in the United States of America.
 Prevailing ABA therapy philosophy holds that the rise of autism is attributed only to human DNA anomalies, and certain environmental stressors. The ABA therapy position on the cause of autism is resolutely in line with the governments Center for Disease Control findings that harmful-ingredients in vaccines, such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and other carcinogenic agents are not causing negative effects on developing human brains. The association of ABA therapy and the prevailing CDC findings are well-known. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical-vaccine production companies are in line with this notion, and this directly offsets the possibility of a great number of Special Educators, who refuse that ABA therapy is the only or the best instructional intervention in the lives of those identified as on the autism spectrum, to reach economic help that can further develop their ability to operate as independent Special Educators, or pave an insurance reimbursement pathway for families with children and adults with special needs to afford such services ‘out of pocket,’ meaning to pay directly without  help from insurance companies.
Long-Term Development and Mentoring of At-Risk Youth and Young Adults
A number of developments have factored into the breakdown of the traditional American family unit leading to a deterioration of strong family ties:
  1. Men in mid to low-income social-economic demographics enter a general work force system that favors a ‘cronyism’ network-system based on personal relationships.This limits upward economic mobility for the vast majority of American citizens and directly affects the prognosis of American families to find economic freedom. Instead, the social-economic dynamic in many households, especially in and near urban areas hovers between survival and poverty.
  2. Public school educational experience educates and shapes minds to be socially-progressive, graduating a large quantity of people into an aimless focus. For those who sign up for a four year college education, the social-progressive indoctrination is continued without a balance of instilling a valuing and practice of entrepreneurial-business skills.
Under such conditions, hope in the future flickers and this inculcates familial instability. Immediate escape mechanisms, such as the pervasive abuse of alcohol and drugs, further degrades the family unit, creating a condition of absent fathers, absent mothers, parents who work long hours and cannot adequately tend to upbringing their families, with children raising themselves and using technology as a means of emotional support.
Short and long-term solutions to address the breakdown of the traditional American family unit include:
  1. Raising children up in the nurturing and presence of God’s Word as found in Holy Scripture.
  2. School curriculum that develops parenting skills should be part of public schools nation-wide.
  3. Overhauling public school curriculum to shift from a narrow focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and sports, to one that applies such focuses with the practice of social entrepreneurship. This is an empathic capitalism which favors business self-employment skill acquisition that is community-building focused on the local, national and global level. 
  4. On the short-term, increasing funding for high-quality mentoring, at-risk youth programs can immediately answer current community needs. Such programs will be in greater demand in mid to low social-economic homes and communities. Such an initiative is already in practice, and has been so for decades, yet it is merely taking care of the aftermath, or symptoms of a family breakdown.
Long-term nation-wide healing solutions have to be immediately instituted across the country, bringing wide-spread empathic capitalism educational curriculum into elementary, secondary and academic institutions. The focus has to be on helping America’s sons, who become America’s Fathers, become economically sustainable.
Scaling Special Needs Youth and Adult Cognitive-Physical Programs 
The downward economic pressure on the rise of innovative Special Educators cannot be understated. Their ability to create and scale special needs youth and adult is directly supported through their ability to take care of their livelihood and that of their families. The absence of health insurance company reimbursement support for their services to families, funnels Special Educators to only work in private and public schools. For those brave stalwarts who rough the road as educational, social entrepreneurs their exists no guarantees of income, and no certainty of economic success. Such entrepreneurial monikers as ‘hustle,’ ‘fail fast’ and iron-like determination create slim possibilities to operate as independent professionals. Without the economic support from the insurance companies, families routinely cut request for services, and due to this, the social, entrepreneurial Special Educators experience fast drops in monthly income.
The scaling of services is the only solution in the absence of the economic supports most health care professionals enjoy through health insurance companies. Community demand exists for individuals with special needs to transition from sedentary lives into challenging mental-physical activities. Skateboarding and surfing are two excellent executive function skill toning activities, along with track and field sports, which offer a challenging, yet fun environment that generates a repetitive sense of accomplishment, social and motor skill development, and community integration.
Greater levels in private and public funding of Special Educational foundations with degreed-Special Educators, offering quality instruction in the above mentioned sports would introduce a higher-quality level of educational, life skills instruction to the community, as well as economically support an entire industry of Special Educators who face tremendous economic obstacles to operate independently, and thus, invest greater personal time and energy in directly meeting the dire community need.

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The Lion of Anacostia / #criticalthinkers #theFreedomPapers #education #FrederickDouglass #God #AmericaFirst #AbrahamLincol


Every seventh day he was given a bottle of whisky; he sat under a tree; he would escape his reality, even if the truth of his chains of air would all return to him before midnight. Frederick Douglass had taught himself to read and write using two books and a dollop of determination: He read and studied The Columbian Orator; a compendium of essays and literary pieces wherein the practitioner gains articulate eloquence in character and pronunciation), and the Holy Bible. The latter gave Douglass profound ideas about what God intended, moral teachings on humanity, and intellectual upbringing through a God-Sanctioned understanding of human history. As a slave in the south, Douglass did not have a family experience, was not raised in a home with siblings, father and mother, did not have birthday parties, or attend school; there were no after school activities or playing catch with Dad in the late afternoon hours of the day. All he had was an inner spark kept alive that urged him to learn to read and write, to seek God’s face and to endure. The examples of the memorialized lives included in holy scripture had to qualify as the focal form of social development for him, grafting principles of kindness, Godly-inner strength, forgiveness, and love for others in spite of his station in life. These two books stood as pillars in his psyche creating mental models juxtaposed in contrast to his plantation life with the other slaves. I his formative life, there would be slave-singing and slave-dancing, slave-work, and slave-whippings, condescension and utter disregard for the humanity of the slaves, all of which would eventually bring greater beams of light upon the literature he had ingrained into his mind and etched into his soul. These were the beginnings of one of the greatest men to have ever lived; a soul resolutely on fire, a man after God’s heart.
After having fled for the second time. Mr. Douglass soon found himself in Massachusetts having gained the skills to be a professional caulker (mostly employed in and around shipyards) working for half-wages, all the while being a dormant intellectual powerhouse on the cusp of transforming the nation. As of yet, he was subjected to merciless beatings by envious white craftsmen startled at the notion of having to do the same work as a negro, and was socially isolated until the time came for him to begin his life’s work. Having acquired a genteel refining while as a slave in Baltimore; a time separated from his plantation life further down south, he was allowed to wear better clothing and enjoy partial freedoms to walk about the city without being watched and lorded over. In fact,  Mr. Douglass had become accustomed to addressing a growing number of white folk during his brief time in Baltimore, and this had prepared him, along with his study of The Columbian Orator, a book to sharpen paraverbal skills (how we say what we say), to eventually become the leading abolitionist, in the United States of America. 
So proficient in his eloquence was Frederick Douglass, that his audiences across a plethora of towns would routinely question if he ever was truly a slave, to which Douglass would simply turn around, raise his shirt, and show the striking ridges of his many whippings. People were astounded not just at his vocabulary, but in his ability to speak with sensibility, free of anger, filled with intellectual clarity and confident certitude in his calls for human rights and his invocation of what God-intended for America.
For all this, Douglass’s power was yet not complete, he was missing one final piece which would bring even the President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, to listen to him repeatedly, even being affected by the moral character of Douglass and moved to action by his presence of heart and mind. This final piece would allow Douglass’s message to be inscribed into hearts and minds not just through the listening ear, but the seeing eye. We may be moved to see such articulate passion perform before us, calling for a realization of human rights, showing us his real scars, and hearing of his constant travel to and from American towns and cities prophesying for a better American experience, one where all men and women are free to live peacefully, enjoy inalienable, God-given rights and may pursue happiness as they see fit. But after a few days we will forget. Such is the brain’s working memory. It is as the late-poet Maya Angelou put forth, that we may forget what someone tells us, but we don’t forget how they made us feel. Douglass understood that he needed a form of historical production to scale his message in a physical format that it not soon be forgotten, but stand the test of time, remaining as powerful code to shift hearts and minds towards his altruistic vision of freedom and liberty. He needed to take his spiritual battle to the next level with a though-amplification machine which would allow him to distribute his ideas through a created network. Attaining such a contraption would make him more powerful than a standing army, complete with guns, cannons, and the mightiest warriors. Using the money given to him by a gracious community of people during a two year stint in England, Douglass acquired a printing press back in the United States. It was at this point that Douglass had become completely empowered to shift the balance of power in America, and yes affecting hearts and minds far beyond his physical reach.
Armed with critical thinking, eloquence, deep character, passion and an education that rivaled the best statesmen at the time, Douglass began to write essays, constructing mini-newspapers and growing a distribution network chain to send out copies of his work. He worked tirelessly with a zeal that could only be God-driven, little by little, like a drop of water causing ripples in a pond, bringing change to the intellectual conversation in the U.S.A. His writings were created a ‘left-field literary knockout’ when compared to the established forms of media production in that day. There was no one else who wrote like him. There was no black man who wrote like him. There was no one who was as intelligent as him having been a slave before. Douglass had, in effect, cornered the market, and he was a standing army of one man only. He became unstoppable simply because he refused to sink and he refused to compromise his integrity.
To better understand Mr. Frederick Douglass, we must read his words on Christianity. He argued that a true Christian, as he understood it from the holy scripture, had nothing to do with racism and prejudice, but was called forth to love God and love humanity, in so doing gently doing away with such narrow-mindedness and apathy. (This was a subject of his interest on which he spoke and wrote about profusely.) In the face of this ownership of the only available form of production of the time, a printing press, along with a system of distributing copies of his works, Douglass softly commanded room in a growing number of hearts and minds, and this translated into political power. At the time, President Lincoln did not have the foggiest idea on what to do with the slaves. He was trying all sorts of ideas, like the time he sent a boatload of African Americans to Haiti. About half died of disease on the way over and upon reaching shore, the rest realized that there was no infrastructure to support them. It was open land without means to build. Much more, the Haitians there asked these newcomers what they purposed in the possible creation of a colony. The boat went back to America. Lincoln was in the middle of the Civil War and was allowing himself to be politically hamstrung due to his hesitancy to make such a drastic move as calling for the emancipation of all African-Americans, a people not known under that term, but identified as financial commodities at the time. Lincoln feared rebellion in the North if he made such a sharp political move. The president had reached an impasse and could not see a way forward.

Enter God from Left Field
The Lord Jesus Christ uses people, even his children, as instruments to further his plans, according to his Word. God finds and creates solutions in all situations, and he raised up Frederick Douglass to enter the field precisely at the time needed, much like a wide receiver in a football game running and ready to catch a toss by Quarterback Lincoln, whom had no idea Douglass was on the team. But Douglass was on the America First team. Douglass’s printing press, a form of historical production, his distribution network, and his ability to write essays made it so that President Lincoln could not politically ignore him, unless he would be open to facing the journalistic opposition from the most outspoken voice on human rights at the time. Douglass could work to turn public opinion against the president, and the president understood this at a key time. This dynamic created the possibility of these two men forming a working relationship and Lincoln receiving greater moral strength and support to do the right thing; emancipate the slaves and have these fight for the northern Union.
Lincoln became ‘Lincoln’ after he had encountered Frederick Douglass, and Douglass, the open-minded, independent critical thinker served as a bridge of political support for Lincoln to take a stand and save the nation.
This year we celebrate Douglass’s 2ooth birthday (1818-2018). Happy Birthday, Frederick!

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The Power of the Family Dinner Conversation / #theFreedomPapers #education #criticalthinking #family

Knowledge is not simply ‘power,’ it is dormant power. Letters can be used to create words to craft ideas and create intellectual discussion, but in and of themselves, they are only letters; instruments to aid us in communication. The application of knowledge, of those letters into choice words creates the ability to exercise power through the construction of ideas that can be communicative.
Distilled: Knowledge is dormant power. The application of knowledge is power in action.
It is nearly impossible for the American educational system to correct itself from its current trajectory regarding the understanding of the most important twenty first century skills required to shape new generations of Americans in the form and fashion needed. A recurring message demand is that we focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), when in fact we have to get STEEM, in order to exercise the application of that knowledge. The extra ‘E’ is entrepreneurship. Moreover, it is not enough to create an enterprising labor force of focused professionals, we have to get critical as active participants in how our local, national and global community operates. The addition of entrepreneurially-toned, critically thinking active citizens who happen to also be consummate scientists, technology-professionals, engineers and applied mathematicians introduces a scaled dynamism into American life hereto not ever experienced.
Established political organizations will not advocate for the upbringing of such a class of citizenship, for it would soon rock the current political climate, bringing forth a wave of mindful citizenry, a squelching of the ways and means of the current television and online social media news themes and informational layouts, as well as a turning of the tables within university academic institutions. These same organizations and entities which would receive the brunt of change would and do censor the rise of such an idea, given that it would bring about the demise of the leftist, social-progressive hegemony over the channels of information distribution. Simply put, the current victors of the battle of ideas stay on top by directly and indirectly containing the message output to the American populace. Thus, they impact and contain (to an exceeding large degree) the thinking and feeling of hearts and minds by controlling news, entertainment, printed media, and academic-institution informational discourse. In such a climate, open-minded, independent critical thinkers, regardless of their professional focus, will always be outsiders in a matrix system that is heavily slanted towards favoring a political left, neoliberal, globalist ideological construct.  Such an ideology has a right to exist in a free nation as the United States of America, yet the proponents of it have literally positioned themselves as the informational gatekeepers, leaving a lopsided ideological status quo wherein conservative hearts and minds are ostracized, sidelined and ridiculed, rather than engaged in critical discussion.
So it becomes then, it is nearly impossible for the American citizenry to break free from such a social-political arrangement and history repeats itself according to the dictates of the leftist agenda. 
What can be done? What can parents do to gain a foothold in the shaping of their children’s minds?
1. Have dinner time family conversations on age-appropriate local and national issues
a. Practice protecting familial relationships in the midst of disagreements.
2. Have your children be creators of content, rather than receiving antennas.
a. Turn off the television, the movie watching and the inappropriate music listening.
1. Create art stations: Purchase portable painting easels and keep a steady supply of paint brushes, paints, and canvasses ready to be used. Have these set up so that your child merely has to sit down and get a cup of water to clear the paint from the brushes.
2. Role-model as parents that you are creators of content and action also: be painters, writers, athletes and spontaneous, outspoken citizens, harmless as doves, but clever as snakes. Be meditators, singers, dancers and engineer new modes of familial operational dynamics together with your children.
In order to develop a critically thinking, open-minded society we must realize that we are innately powerful already as individuals. We need not start shouting in the streets, but become writers and discussers of ideas. The spoken word, as Frederick Douglass realized, will be forgotten after a few days, but the written word remains in a physical way, ready to be re-read and studied, time and time again. The more families value the nurturing of critical thinking, the stronger will be the innate, God-given liberties and freedoms we enjoy. It is in this kind of mindfulness that a readiness to discern stays toned and an ever-present potential for civic-minded action can be realized at any time.

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Critical Thinking & Access To The Forms Of Production: What Frederick Douglass Did And What The Incas Could Not Do / #edchat #politicalscience #theFreedomPapers #humanrights

Frederick Douglass At His Desk

They ranged between seventy five and ninety years of age, hailing from Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Peru… all of them American citizens. I sat with them to have a conversation in Spanish, wake up the neurons, and get some profound intellectual brainwork happening. As it is, being a political scientist, I was chairing the conversation to gather understanding of different view points once presenting the case formally before them. Below are the conclusions of the conversation:
Economic and Cultural Oppression
How do you realize, how do you see the characteristics of economic and cultural oppression if you are is not trained for it? Some things are real, yet not so apparent. Some systematic constructs surround us since infancy that we can not see the intricate interplay of the machinery, like the cogs in a traditional watch working together. Having been brought up in the soup and lacking the right kind of education, it is almost impossible to step outside of the…matrix, and comprehend our role in it, how we are kept in position, and why it is difficult to positively disrupt our role in it and that of others, without the right perspective, forms of production, and the right kind of education.
Take for example, the Inca-descendants of the mountainous regions of Peru. These are an indigenous folk who have maintained their traditional garb (clothing), profession, and ways of living, largely intact since their departure from their lands at the onset of the militaristic, Spanish conquests three to four hundred years ago. In those times, the ‘conquistadores’ brought military weaponry and diseases unheard of by the local people, utterly decimating them through battle and sickness. The remaining Incas eventually receded away from the geography of which the Spanish explorers took in search of material wealth (gold), and over time, Spanish cultural and economic dominance set up a way of life akin to their understanding and not at all following or resembling the way of life of the Inca heritage. In fact, the Incas ability to partake in the new economic and cultural system was not accepted on variety of levels, leaving the indigenous people no recourse but to separate themselves and uphold what they could of their old ways.
Go forward to modern times and what we have is a peaceful economic and cultural status quo, heavily dominated by western economic practices and Spanish-cultural heritage, yet with distinct economic and cultural ties between the indigenous population and the Spanish-descendant peoples of Peru. Already, you will find that their are indigenous people who have entered the newer system, have taken on Western ways, have inter-married with non-indigenous people, perhaps become professors, engineers, architects, and part of the plethora of professional occupations which reflect our age and time in Western culture. This is a minute sliver, even if growing, of the indigenous population. To a great extent, the indigenous inca-descendency has resolutely kept its ways.
In our discussion, I put forth that these people have been kept out of the political process due to built-in conscious and unconscious educational oppression and a historicity that has emotionally etched in the past slaughter of Spanish conquistadors into the psyche of the Incas, much like slavery has left an indelible mark on the African-American population, of which it is finally coming forward to begin new stages of healing. As opposed to the absence of the right kinds of educational supports for Peru’s indigenous population, the African American populace has had the opportunity to develop critical thinking and advocacy skills, allowing individuals to begin to articulately and coherently bring thought and civic-action forward presenting a claim of grievance against human rights trespasses. A shining example of this blew the hinges off the intellectual doors. His name was Frederick Douglass, and he was able to become a critical thinker through self-education using the Holy Bible and the compilation of essays, poems and literary pieces housed in what was the seminal educational textbook in the 1800’s, Caleb Bingham’s The Columbian Orator. Unlike the Peruvian indigenous population, Douglass was able to learn to read and write in the ways of the culture that surrounded him, eventually using his newfound critical thinking skills to intellectually consider that he had inalienable rights given to all from God, and that he had a right to rise as a prolific individual power, unashamed and free. Douglass was able to run educate himself, run away from his slave master, become a public speaker of human rights, and purchase a form of historical production which catapulted him as a powerful force which would forever change the direction of the United States of America. He purchased a printing press. 
The Inca-descendants were not whipped like Douglass, or made to toil in the sun under the merciless eyes of slave task masters. No. They became geographically isolated, creating and up keeping their traditional system, separate from the Westernized, Spanish-culture which populated the coastal regions. The Western educational system does include them now, and these rise through the educational levels and join the Western society of Peru as equal citizens, but in fact, what is so, is that their are few if any critical thinking, advocating indigenous people with the forms of production, as in not only internet connection, but the intellectual training to be vociferous, out spoken participators of the democratic conversation in the country. Douglass was self-trained to be an intellectual powerhouse, was a voracious public speaker of such eloquence that many a times audiences questioned if he had ever been a slave, and had a form of historical production, the printing press, which allowed him to make physical copies of his ideas on human rights and the issue of slavery which would stand the test of time. Unlike his words spoken into air, Douglass’s printed pamphlets, or mini-newspapers could be read and re-read again and again serving as a constant reminder of thought that could withstand the erasure of working memory that happens with the spoken word.
The indigenous people of South America and Central America had no such form of historical production or ability to distribute such a critical thinking advocacy as had Douglass, or as do modern-day media networks, which employ a complex system of information distribution that employs people in television studios, social media network companies, and newspaper delivery people who bring the ideas right to our doorsteps. To reiterate, the right kind of education that develops critical thinking, civically-minded, advocating individuals to participate in the local and national conversation directly protects the civil liberties and freedoms of a person and of a people. Being isolated in the mountains of Peru, partly through choice and partly because they were driven there by ruthless conquistadors of ages past, the indigenous people were barred from any possibility of understanding the need for educational agility as a means to stand up and claim their human rights. Robbed of the ability to apply their grievances through the world’s historical forms of production, indigenous people have found that their side of the story has been told by Westerners, rather than by themselves.
As Haitian author Michel-Ralph Truillot describes in his powerful book, Silencing The Past: Power and the Production of History, “the production of historical narratives involves the uneven contribution of competing groups and individuals who have unequal access to the means of such production.”

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Making The #NewEra Happen / #politicalscience #education #business #community #economy


The determination to focus all of its energy in playing identity politics on the local and national level has continuously depleted any chance of the Democratic Party leadership and its operating cadre of foot soldiers from exercising any kind of moral high ground in shaping the direction of the United States of America. It’s ‘resistance’ campaign, bolsters nothing but division amongst American citizens through the use of whisper campaigns, and use of corporate brands, musicians and entertainers on television and films as political mouthpieces. This kind of narrow-minded political gamesmanship relies on codified social media messaging to release directives on who is currently being targeted in the identity politics game they play.
Cloak and Dagger Stuff
In essence, a battle of ideas devolves into trivial, immature character assassination tactics which have nothing to do with taking on the substantive moral issues of the day, and everything to do with seeking to sideline people in their own communities and on the national stage. The strategy relies on breaking down the personal integrity of individuals so as to take away credence from their message. This involves the use of constant localized, crafty entrapment ploys aimed at subverting the rise of people by causing them to err, only to later use the failing as a means of blackmail to silence such individuals from bringing any critical thinking discourse forward. 
In addition, with the use of collusion amongst televised, social and print news media platform leadership, the Democratic Party non-elected elite run their party into the ground, and cheat the idealism of traditional Democrats, as well as the ability to have sensible conversation on the topics that truly matter. They do steer the conversation by controlling the topics their ‘corner’ talks on through these channels, and they do control the national conversation in the media by constantly focusing on simply trying to negatively paint everyone and everything they don’t agree with, rather than actually talk about the things that matter. Most of their work is done covertly on the local level through the trolling of people, and again, seeking to create entrapment situations leading to further intelligence gathering that is later used to silence the targets.
This kind of work is not in line with the founding principles of the United States of America, but is an evil on the political process flow in our nation. It is no surprise that a growing segment of the American population see through the trickery in varying degrees of understanding and are more and more seeking the honesty of the conservative perspective for America. One in which the government is of and for the people and indivisible as one nation under God. An America where we are more and more realizing that the building and strengthening of community builds up the country as a whole. A United States of America where we are tired of the aforementioned political trickery of the house of mirrors known as identity politics, and we begin calling on each other to raise our level of critical thinking, of being active, advocating participants in our democracy, and therein, creating real change you don’t have to believe in, but make happen. 
Change You Don’t Have to Believe In (Because We Make It Happen)
To that end, and moving ever upward, we must put off the ‘old political ways;’ we must leave off the trodden trails of bringing people down, and take on the new paths where we build each other up. This starts with our educational system.
Our educational curriculum is being asked to not just teach reading, writing and academic subject knowledge, but business skills and civic duty early on in grade school. That the educational result in the nation be one were harmless armies of public speakers, and writers stand side by side next to brethren who pursue vocational schools and not just simply go to work as employees, but have the skills and hope to be job-creators and business starters. This creates an empathic capitalistic system minting individuals that actively participate in the democratic process. 
This is how we begin to shift the culture away from trivial political maneuvering and towards profound, solution-focused engineering that take on the great dilemmas and issues of the day.
We need not be bogged down on the validity of climate change, for instance, but seek to be better environmental caretakers. Economic oppression is real and is a result of an educational system that continues to default on the value of critical thinking, empathic capitalists. Not all may reach the same altruistic crescendo, and that is okay. We should teach business and civic duty, right next to those academic subjects. We should teach public speaking and essay writing as cornerstone democratic functions that uphold freedom and liberty through the discourse of ideas.

This kind of holistic empowerment of individuals within our public educational school systems is pivotal in order to not constantly fold inwardly economically and keep creating an employee labor force without passion and hope for great growth.  Start now to plant these seeds of holistic, educational empowerment and we begin to have an economy in twenty, thirty and forty years that breaks away from the doldrums of our hierarchical economic system of trickle-down money flow. It is like planting a tree; only we are the trees, and our parents, teachers, school administrators and elected and non-elected community leaders are the constant gardeners.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Harmless As Doves, Clever As Snakes / #theFreedomPapers #love #humanity

It has begun to appear quite clearly that a long-standing battle for the hearts and minds of American citizens has been operating under the surface of Main Street America for decades. On one side, it appears that a neoliberal, or globalist perspective of the world seeks a steady drip-drop pace to undermine individual human rights in favor of the ideologies of a few powerful entities, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the international consortium of human abortion corporations, social-progressive American entertainment / news media, and what is known as the Bilderberg Group, a conglomerate of the worlds most powerful actors on the world stage. 

Bilderberg stands in the middle.

Their ideologies, philosophies and perspectives on population management deserve to exist, yet their methods of collusion through subliminal and subtle indoctrination delves straight into a kind of massive thievery focused on the management of people, their minds and the hearts. They do this by controlling all social media and television news media outlets. They do this by controlling the flow and rise of content, its distribution through the information outlets of entertainment, music, literature, elected public office and education. Their grasp and hold make them the gatekeepers of information and therein cultural movement and its growth. They operate within and without government, they are the ‘deep state,’ and their power exceeds anything the human intellect can readily comprehend. In fact, to battle them on an individual level is futile and would spell the ostracizing of such individuals from the ability to create financial income, or be a respected member of community. Their power is near absolute.
On the other side of the battle… are the children of God; the offscouring of the world; a remnant filled with Grace; men and women with divine fire….
When critical thinking intellectual discourse becomes undervalued, running second in favor of an all-encompassing view that frequently uses technological craft to subjugate the possible rise of individual power challenging reigning mainstream social thought, human rights fall, and humanity suffers. National sovereignty, as is individual sovereignty, loses out in favor of non-elected powers that need not answer to the people of a country. Within these parameters, even the greatest nation on Earth, with all of its founding principles, becomes shuttered in favor of a designed future wherein non-elected elitist powers play a dominant role in the management of people. 
The love of God does not wane
It endures
The Spirit of God emboldens
making vessels stand upright


If I speak the truth, have I now become your enemy?

The Propaganda in Our Hearts & Minds / #positivedisruption #criticalthinkers #democracy

Not only does human slaughter of the fruit of a woman’s womb promote the idea that we are disposable, but a people’s will to stand up ...