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The Profession of The Reverend Doctor

In the preaching of tolerance, Christianity in America has been asked to sit down and blend in, but should the sons and daughters of Almighty Lord acquiesce? Our nation was founded on the foundation God’s Word. Should Christians be brought up to disengage from the mantle of leadership in the United States of America? The identification of the most pressing societal fault is a life and death matter every day with 3,000 officially recorded abortions within our borders. What and who represents Christianity and how is it to tactically respond? In the time of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., the notion that one non-elected American could become so politically powerful scared an established order enough to allow the termination of such individual. He swayed hearts and minds to move body and soul; his words riveting across a divided landscape that was in the thralls of legalizing the slaying of children in the womb on the waves of an entertainment-business manufactured sexual re…

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